eye techniques (also creams, cleansers, etc)

  1. i read in previous forums about eye creams and this is somewhat similiar..

    aside from having a great eye cream, technique is very important too..i've heard several ways you should put on eye cream, or remove make up, what are the best ways to do this?

    eye creams - should you lightly tap? i know the direction you apply it is very very important, so you should start at the corner of your eyes, towards your nose, never start at your nose and pull out because you are stretching the skin, which can cause more wrinkles..

    as far as make up removers, i dont know - is it better to use cotton balls, beauty pads, washcloth?

    what type of remover is better for your skin?? - i am currently using the lancome bifacils - since theres oil in it, if you use it to remove your make up but dont wash your face after, can it clog the area under your eyes?? which might cause those little white stuff (kinda like bumps, but not really..)

    I know its a lot of details but i think the slightest differences can have great influence over time...for instance i try really hard not to stretch my eyes when i'm putting on eyeliner cause i know overtime it might cause more wrinkles..

    also does anyone know about foundation/face techniques?? if i said something wrong or you heard differently, let me know!!