Eye shadow hates me

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  1. Ok I am really struggling here. I consider my self a above average make up user. However recently (Last 3 months) no matter what I do my eye shadow creases. I have tried all the primers (UDPP, TFSI, paint pots, essence base, NYX base and stay don't stray) I have even tried layering them! I stopped using eye cream in the morning. I also clean my hands and make up brushes before and after I apply makeup. I don't even have oily lids, I have dry skin!

    What's the deal??? Does anyone have any suggestions ?
  2. Hummm... What kind of eyeshadow are you using?

    It could be the brand itself.
  3. I have oily lids and it never stayed on. I used lots of different ones and finally found one that works. The Mars one works great for me. I also use high end ones as they have more pigments. Try the cream shadows. I love them!
  4. Long-wear oil-free foundation might work for you. I've used it before when I've accidentally let myself run out of eye primer, and it works well for me. I also agree with kawaiiamaiai; it could be the eye shadows that you're using too.
  5. I have oily lids too so I know how you feel!! For me, the best thing I've found that works and actually stays all day is UDPP and then loose eyeshadow (MAC pigments, mineral eyeshadow, etc). For some reason the loose stuff seems to stick a lot better than the pressed stuff.
  6. How bout the powder pigments/ or mineral eye shadows ?
  7. I have oily yet flaky lids, but I feel your pain. I've never had any luck with eyeshadows either. I just ordered a few Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows in the hope they may suit... fingers crossed.
  8. I also have very, very oily eyelids. When I was at the Nars counter last month the fellow recommended the smudge proof eyeshadow base. This product is amazing! My eye shadow no longer creases and it sticks to my lids all day. Best purchase of the year for me.
  9. This really is an outstanding product. The Urban Decay primer potion really works for me too, but the Nars one is just amazing.

    I always had problems with creasing in the past and thought that I was doomed to have bare lids forever. Now the combination of UD or Nars primers, MAC paint pot in bare study, and MAC or Urban Decay shadows (from my Naked palettes) seems to work for me.
  10. Great suggestion. OP, have you tried layering? Primer, cream shadow, and then shadow?
  11. Is it possible you're putting on too much primer or too little? Do you put foundation or concealer on your lids? I'm assuming you haven't experienced this issue before so I'm wondering what's different that could be causing it. Did you switch cleansers, eye makeup removers, eye night cream?

    I don't consider myself an expert by any means, most of my knowledge comes from youtube, but I tweak what I need to. My morning routine is I wash my face and eyelids and eye area with cetaphil. I apply a moisturizing sunscreen (not near eyes), apply a face primer and then eye primer (I use NYX HD). I apply foundation all over - both on my eyelids and under my eyes (I tend to wear light eyeshadow), then concealer and I use the concealer underneath my eyes only. I set everything with a loose powder and when I'm done I actually press my finger into the lid of my powder and use it around my eyes to set everything extra well. This probably isn't proper, but I have oily lids and this is what works for me. I then apply eyeshadow etc. My eyeshadow doesn't crease ever (and I use a variety of brands), but this is what works for me. Of course what works for one won't work at all for another, I only mention all of this to maybe give you some ideas.

    Again I wonder if something in your routine changed, application methods or maybe the formula of one of your facial creams even?
  12. What I do whenever I feel a client has super oily eyelids or they tell me that they do is use the NARS eyeshadow primer, apply a face powder over top of that and then apply MAC paintpot in painterly / soft ochre depending on the persons skin tone. If that doesn't work then I would say you're apply too much and to stop applying foundation / concealer there.
  13. I currently use Mac ,kryolan , NYX , yaby and inglot shadows the most.

    I tried layering the paint pot over UDPP and TFSI then followed with a nude pressed shadow. Still creased. Currently I have been using a wich hazel toner on my eye lids right before applying the primer/ paint pot and that has been helping. I still get some creasing in my inner corner. I also then the toner is irritating my skin a bit.

    I will pick of the Nars primer and give that one a shot.

    Is it normally to have super dry skin and oily lids?
  14. Want to second that question!

    I found if I applied too much UDPP or TFSI, the excess will crease within minutes of shadow application. A little goes a long way with those babies!
  15. I don't apply foundation or concealer to my lids.
    The only thing I have changed is my night moisturizer (switched from a night cream to a bha). Everything else has been consistent. I also apply the primers pretty sparingly. I also started taking more fish oil orally to help it my itchy dry skin/scalp.