Eye Shadow Durin The Day OK?

  1. I was told eye shadow durin the day is a big NO NO is that true? I wear light shades (beige, soft nuterls) is that wrong still?
  2. Wear what makes you happy. Consideration for age appropriate makeup is valid, and so are cultural traditions, (and OK - good taste!) but a complete ban on any eyeshadow during the day? That seems so extreme. I wear it everyday and would feel naked without it. But that's just me.
  3. I think as long as it's understated and tasteful then it's fine. Dramatic shadows to me are best at night unless you work in a creative field that allows you freedom to be bold, like a hairdresser, for example.
  4. wow..a ban of eyeshadow in the workplace? I could never do it. But I do keep it neutral and toned down. Also i think it depends on the type of job one does. I used to be an optician, and I loved wearing shadows when I went to work.
  5. Who on earth told you that? Totally false. You can wear eyeshadow whenever and where ever you want. I mean, if we're talking about crazy vibrant colours, it really depends on where you are going. But eyeshadow in general....knock yourself out.
  6. Never heard of that rule.

    Use common sense and you'll be fine. If you work at a bank maybe bright green is not such a good plan, but a subtle shade that brings out the colour in your eye can be worn everywhere. Just wear whatever makes you feel fabulous.
  7. I always wear eyeshadow during the day, bright colours too. I suppose it depends on what your wearing and where your going. When I had a job I wore mainly neutrels or greens but I wear a lot of bright colours to college/shopping etc.
  8. Who on earth said that? All make-up professionals use eyeshadow in nearly every look they creat. Even the Sephora catalog with the "no make-up" look used eyeshadow! I think the best kind of colors for daytime are neutrals that enhance your natural look, but eyeshadow during the day is more than acceptable!
  9. What a silly "rule." Eyeshadow during the day is not only OK, it is to be encouraged IMO, as long as you choose the right shades. A neutral eyeshadow looks a lot more polished for the office, say, than no shadow at all.
  10. The MAC natural look too. I've never even heard of this. I couldnt work @ a place that had a code like that. That's almost infringing!
  11. Wow, never heard of that rule! Now I will say at work I keep things more subdued that when I go out in the evenings but I will definitely wear eyeshadow day or night!!
  12. Whatever makes you look and feel fabulous is never a NO-NO.
  13. I have never heard of this rule! I wear eyeshadow during the day, just a neutral taupe color. I wouldn't wear brights or shimmery shadow, though, too harsh in the daylight - and I'm too old!
  14. hmmmmm.. what a wierd rule... i say wear it when and how you want it... mine depends on what i am wearing and how i feel
  15. I've never heard of a ban on eye shadow during the day. Then again, I'm not one for any kind of fashion bans...

    I wear neutral eye shadow every day. I agree with the ladies above that dramatic eye shadow is best left to the clubs, late-night parties and fashion/beauty related jobs.