Eye Need You!

  1. Could you all let me know what you have seen the Murakami Eye Need You bags going for? I think I saw one a while back that went for about $1000, but it really wasn't in the best of shape... if any Murakami lovers out there, can you please give me a price range, I'd really appreciate it!

    Hope this is posted in the right spot, if not, mods feel free to move! Thanks;)
  2. oops, guess this was a dud thread...lol... I see a gorgeous one for about $1900; and I can't afford anyway, so don't answer me... lol...
  3. L@@king for another Murakami?:graucho:

  4. Naw, also saw a fabulous cherry blossom retro, OMG!

    Definately not in the market...:p
  5. I bought an Eye Miss you bag in white on eBay last year and it cost around $1300. I had always wanted one, so it was worth it!
  6. I love the eye need you :heart:
  7. The one LT has is better than the $23,000+ HKD one I saw in a second hand shop. That's like...over $3000 US!!
  8. I love the shape of Eye Need You, kind of like Le Tal.
  9. I saw a very big limited eye bag , I think it's the eye dare you. Eva Longoria had it in Desperate H. I would love to see a pic of this big bag!
  10. How much does an Brand NEW- never worn Eye See U go for?
  11. A while ago.... I saw one on fashionphile too ... maybe check it out on their website besides their *bay store. I don't know if it was the one you were looking for.
  12. Opportunities has one with a BEAUTIFUL patina. It's 1900 euros though.

  13. How can you tell if the dalmation purse is authentic, and which is a fake???
  14. Please post such questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" thread.