Eye need you bag question....

  1. Dunno... but it's been discontinued for a while... :crybaby:
  2. I take it you like this bag, no?

    Do you know where I might find a picture of it being carried? thanks! :flowers:
  3. The regular Eye Need You was $1690. Then I see a price of tweedy small at 1640 and tweedy large at $2020

    Here s a link to the 2003 price list:

    My Poupette.com
  4. sorry kinda ot but is this bag also from that line?
  5. The monogram tweed was f/w 2004 right? I cannot remember the price of these bags but I have called 866 and asked about older pieces and they were able to give me the information including price on these products still...
  6. I believe it was 2003.....and it's not an eye piece but the same size as the eye need you.
    I'm not sure if it would be considered the small or large tweedy...I'm guessing large, because the eye need you bag is larger than the eye miss you bags.
    So anyways....the price she is offering is a good price. I've seen them try to sell for around 3K.
  7. This bag is called the Tweedy and it came in 2 sizes only. The first size is the one posted in this thread and the name of the bag is simply called the "Tweedy". The second version is a bit larger: it is taller and has a zipper at the front near the top. That bag is called the "Large Tweedy".
  8. No, it was late 2003.
  9. ^^ if it was released late 2003, it was probably for the S/S 2004 collection, thus all the confusion :smile:
  10. Tweedy bags were part of F/W '03 collection:
    100102067.jpg 100102071.jpg
  11. I love this bag it was impossible to get
  12. Thank you for finding those pictures!!! It's a cute bag, but I hate buying from eBay!
  13. very cute bag. But i know from experience that keeping those plastic covers on will keep the handles from turning but not the rest of the bag. Once the new buyer get it there will be a slight tone difference.

    I kept my mizi in plastic for months and when I finally took it off I was so mad at myself. :cursing:

    Sorry. Off subject kinda sorta. LOL

    The tweedy is a great bag though