Eye Need MC!

  1. Hi guys,

    As some of you know, my next purchase is supposed to be from the Multicolor collection. I don't have anything from this line yet (except an iPod holder that doesn't even work with a video iPod, grrr!) and am really excited about getting my first piece!

    But I'm not sure which direction to go in. I really love the "Eye" MC pattern (Eye Need You, etc) but I don't like the styles much at all. :sad: Why didn't they make a Speedy or something in this print? I love how... weird it is. Eyeballs on a Louis Vuitton... you really can't beat that. I think it suits me better than regular MC, too. I'm kinda eccentric. :graucho:

    They have some good deals on eBay from MPRS, and I figured I could get the leather re-done.

    About how much would it cost to have all the vachetta replaced? And can you buy a clochette thingy?

    My other option is a Noe... which is what I was originally thinking. I think I love the "Eye" pattern enough to make up for not loving the style quite as much, though...

    What do you guys think?
  2. I only have the black MC Eye scarf so I don't know much about the styles. I think I'd go with the Eye Love or the Eye Need since they're bigger. The Eye Miss is really tiny and wouldn't fit much more than the Suhali L'Aimable does since it's basically the same style.

    You can buy the clochette, but the cost to replace the leather would depend on which one you went with.
    I almost think it would be more worth it to get a Noe instead.
  3. what is the diff between the eye miss, need and love styles?
  4. &^^^rebecca. i was just at the point where i could ignore your cupcakes and not be hungry, not i am entranced and munchie all over again! thanks a whole lot! there goes my diet!
  5. Rebecca, have you been to Sprinkles? BEST CUPCAKES EVER!
  6. Haha and YES I have! I got some for my birthday last year instead of getting a cake. Now I think I'm going to have to make that a stop each time I go to L.A.!
  7. Eye Need: [​IMG]

    Eye Miss:[​IMG]

    Eye Love:[​IMG]
  8. Rebecca,
    There is one in Newport Beach. Avocado Plaza. Probably like 10 minutes from South Coast Plaza!
  9. I know haha..I have to try really hard to avoid that one so I only go to the one in Beverly Hills since I don't go up that way too often lol. :lol:
  10. There is no avoiding Sprinkles... It's addicting... LV and Sprinkles.. I can't think of a better combination
  11. Haha I know! I usually order ahead and pick them up since I stay there in L.A. for a couple of days...here were the cupcakes I got for my birthday lol:

  12. YUM I want one
  13. i really like the Eye Love, I saw a white on eBay for $6,000. anyone know the original price?
  14. lol. cupcakes? :back2topic: :p
    i like the eye need you the best
  15. I personally really like the Noe!