Eye need/love you in speedy?

  1. does anyone know if there was ever an MC Speedy in Eye Need You or Eye Love You?
  2. Nope, don't think so.
    It was never released to the public, at least.
  3. I have seen one somewhere but I don't think it was released to the public.
  4. thanks for the info. an acquaintance of mine was talking about one but neither of us knew whether or not it really existed.
  5. I don't think the "eye" collection came in the speedy shape. There were "eye love you", "eye need you" and "eye dare you" bags - but they were different shapes than the speedy.

    Maybe a VIP got a special bag...
  6. I think there was a runway bag, but never actually produced.
  7. Yes, it was a runway bag years ago, but sadly they never made it to production as many runway bags do.
  8. That's too bad for us :crybaby:
  9. I would've loved if they turned that runway bag into a LE....that would've cured everything for me...a MC speedy and the eye series all in one LOL

  10. Isn't it? I watch the shows and cross my fingers that the bags I like will make the cut.
  11. I would love a speedy version!!! Sigh...
  12. There was nothing to it really but a few "eyes" thrown in.:lol: It looks exactly like regular MC speedy to me.:wlae:
  13. i guess it's the eyes that make the diff! haha ;)