Eye Makeup Techniques

  1. Well, me getting a makeup artist so early in the morning wont work out. I would appreciate any eye makeup techniques and perhaps pictures to help on how to look beautiful for the whole day, evening. If you have any tips on face makeup, a glowing face etc.
  2. What is the occasion?
  3. Wedding
  4. One suggestion I would make is to use a mascara comb to seperate your eyelashes after applying mascara. Dont run it through to hard though as youll lose the length te mascara gives. If you dont have a mascara comb, wash a old mascara brush with soap and lukewarm water and use that! Its works and looks really pretty!

    Also dont apply makeup over your make up and layer. It will look cakey. Use Mac blot powder to reduce shine. Also before applying eyeshadow if i does tend to slip off, brush some blot powder over the eyelids. The powder stays put all day!
  5. I agree with LondonBrat! Mac Blot powder is fabulous! I have oily skin and it helps my makeup stay put all day without turning color and/or darkening. What I do to make eyeliner last all day and keep it from smudging is after I use a pencil liner I go over it with a matching color powder eyeshadow using a thin brush. It really works! If you have oily skin like I do I also recommend using blotting paper midday. They remove the oil without removing makeup. Have fun at the wedding!
  6. why dont you go and sample at a dept store? tell them the occassion and they'll whip up a look to suit your needs, and your not committed to buy anything. or if you buy a product from a good SA they'll invite you to free makeovers. IMO bloomies is great for that.
  7. oh also, are you in the wedding party and have to go through a day of pictures and such?
  8. Heres what I do sometimes.. (its pretty long -- ehhk)

    -- First after I shower & shave I exfoliate bigg time, then moisturize.
    -- Then I apply Bare Escentuals with a MAC 182 brush.
    -- After I buff on foundation, I spray MAC Fix + on to reduce powderyness.
    -- Then I apply MAC Blot Powder with the MAC 129 brush.
    -- After I put on blush with the 129.
    -- Add a lil lipgloss & curl lashes then im done.

    I think for you, you should run to MAC ASAP! Get the Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne, it adds a nice glow to people! I love the stuff.

    If you want to play up your eyes get some eyeshadows while your at MAC and ask them how to apply them! IF you want cheap brushes get the Sonia Kushuk ones from Target! they work great.
  9. One product you cannot live without: MAC Fix+
    Another important stay-on product: makeup primer (Laura Mercier makes a good one)