Eye makeup shots! **PICS***

  1. Inspired by April_Skye's thread about eyeliner and its different effects, thought it'd be fun to start a thread w/ just pics of our eyes all done up! At least for myself, I like doing up my eyes but only get the chance to do so for special events. This way we can have a record of our efforts as our own makeup artist! :tup: Maybe we could even ask the Mods to make this a sticky if this gets enough following!

    I'll start... attended a friend's wedding tonight and used:

    1. Benefit - FY Eye (primer)
    2. L'Oreal - HIP Eyeshadow Duo in Dynamic
    3. Stila - Eyeshadow in Jade
    4. Stila - Smudge Pot in Black
    5. Shiseido - false eyelashes only applied to outer corner
    6. Stila - Brow gel brush

    At the time I thought I applied a lot, but looking at the pics now, I think I could've used more Jade! Got a few compliments though, so I guess it was ok!

  2. bee-yoo-ti-ful!
  3. Love it!!!
  4. Yay I love seeing makeup pics! You look beautiful!!!!! :flowers:
  5. ALLL my FAV colors...GORGEOUS!!
  6. Beautiful
  7. old stuff. yes, I love garish colors...

    But sadly I'm not inspired enought at the moment to do those for university. So I kinda look like a normal person right now :lol:
  8. very pretty!
  9. well i must like garish colors also because it looks cute to me. plus tourquoise/greens are in.
  10. wow, you are so talented!! i love garish colors, but I am too shy to wear em :shame: I put them on when I want to go out and then take em right off to do my usual smokey eye LoL, I am so boring!!
  11. Keep those pics coming, ladies! :tup:

    Thanks everyone! Again, looking at the pics now, I could've gone soooo much bolder! Oh well, next time!

    sw0pp - OMG - I looove how the colors pop on you! Your eyes AND your lips! I was trying to pick which eye/lip I liked the best, but I live them all so much! So talented!

  12. you ladies have inspired me to break out some colors!

    i always do my usually brown smoke-ish effect...it looks good but i want to do s/t different after see all the colors! LOL
  13. always have red eyes in pictures, and I always look like the devil.

    SwOpp, you're making me want to go buy some makeup!
    myredeyes.jpg myeyes1.jpg myeyes2.jpg
  14. here's the colors I wear basically all the time- nothing special or colorful like the other pics, but I wanted to show it to tell you girls to go buy the new Mac Plush Lash mascara- it is sooo good (can't tell from the pics, but I love it) Normally MAC mascaras are not really good, but this one I love :smile:
    eye2.JPG eye1.JPG eye3.JPG
  15. Great pics.