Eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes (and dry eye syndrome)?

  1. I have sensitive eyes (in addition to having a minor case of dry eye syndrome), and I prefer to wear waterproof mascara because 1) I live in a place that rains a lot and 2) I have short, stubby Asian lashes and waterproof mascaras are the only ones that will hold the curl.

    Anyway, I'm having trouble finding a good OIL-FREE, opthamologist-tested, eye makeup remover that will get rid of waterproof mascara. I use a few different waterproof mascaras like L'oreal's voluminous and I don't have issues with cleaning that off. But I also use Cover Girl's lash blast volume in waterproof and that is some tough staying mascara and does not smudge one bit (while Voluminous does smudge).

    I recently bought a bottle of Almay's oil-free eye makeup remover and it doesn't take off LashBlast and it also stings my eyes! Ugh. I just recently got in touch with a local Mary Kay consultant because I read that their oil free makeup remover is really good, so I'll see if I can get some samples.

    But I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions to look into? I'm definitely willing to pay a little more for something that works and is gentle on my eyes.
  2. Have you tried Philosophy's Purity cleanser? It removes all types of makeup including waterproof and comes in makeup wipes too. I have sensitive eyes and this was the only product that didn't bother me but everyone's different. I recommend not using scented products since that seems to irritate eyes even more.
  3. Bioderma Sensibio/Crealine H20. I have pretty dry eyes and it takes off my eye makeup (including lashes and Duo) with ease.
  4. Another vote for Philosophy Purity, and Clinique Take the Day Off is also super gentle and non irritating!
  5. Is Philosophy's Purity very oily? I read in the ingredients that it has Meadowfoam Seed Oil (dunno what that is).

    I'm trying to only use oil-free cleanser because of my dry eye syndrome and other types of oils can be bad for my lid area.
  6. It's actually not oily at all, it has more of a milky, cream-like texture. Philosophy also makes another makeup remover called Just Release Me and that one was oil-free. I haven't tried it but it was another best seller at Sephora and it's not a cleanser so you can just use it specifically for your eye area.
  7. I have extreme dry eye syndrome made even worse by having laser eye surgery and I use Bioderma for taking off my eye makeup.
  8. I have dry eye syndrome too and can only wear waterproof. I switch between the loreal one and Mac. Loreal is not tough to get off but Mac is. I am also on the hunt for an oil free one. Almay sucks. Neutrogenna is not good either. I did not like purity. I have heard bioderm is good but live in us not sure if we can get it here. Was thinking of picking up MAC makeup remover.i think the makeup removers that we must shake are best for waterproof but they need to make oil free ones.
  9. Sens Eyes waterproof sensitive EMR by Make Up For Ever. You can find it at Sephora. it's creamy and works great. Good luck!
  10. Almay eye makeup remover is the worst! It burned my eyes like crazy.
  11. I agree! No idea how they can ethically put gentil/sensitive on the packaging!

    I like the Chanel eye makeup remover. A bit pricey but a little goes a long way, it takes everything off, no greasy feeling or burn !
  12. I have eyes like yours and I found Clinique's Take the Day Off to burn like crazy. Clinique's cream makeup remover is fine, along with Bioderma and MUFE Sens Eyes.
  13. I'm going to return my Almay tomorrow at Ulta, then stop by Sephora and see what the SAs suggest and hopefully I'll get a few samples to try out. I'll come back and update this thread to let ya'll know what works and doesn't work for me.

    Thanks again for everyone's suggestions, I'm also looking into those too!