Eye makeup questions for makeup artists out there

  1. My eyes are big, or so people say, whenever I use makeup it makes them look even bigger. Black eyeliner or kohl outlines them and gives them a rounded look. (when I smile they also slant downwards on the ends which makes me look sad)
    I want them to look longer instead of rounder, what techniques and products do I use? My eye colour is a bluish/grey colour.
    I heard people tell me to draw attention away from my eyes and define other features, I hardly ever use lipstick because my lips (while they are one of my nicest features) they're pretty full and adding colour to them along with my eyes just makes me look like a BRATZ doll.

    Any ideas what I can do?

    Thanks in advance
  2. mmmm, am no pro... but i have almost the same prob... so from my observations and experience ... i do the following
    the first thing to avoid is to outline your eyes -from outside-.. it would make them bigger ,,while u dont need that..
    just use kohl inside ur eyes..
    and if you want to use shadow... make smokey shadow and try to avoid filling the whole upper lid >> make in a horizontal direction smokey eye>>>
    dont use alot of light shadow colors....

    also try to make ur eyelashes the marlyn monro does... if ur brush them upward would make them bigger... brush them to the outer side ...
    would look more sexy ...

    i hope this would be helpfull....
  3. Hi Hypercool and thanks so much for the reply.

    I see what you mean, thats sounds great, I'm certainly going to give it a try. So far I noticed when I use the eyeliner like you mentioned on the inner part of the eye especially the lower eye near the tear duct area it gives it more of a longer eye look. I did one eye and left the other and what a difference!
    Thats for the shadow technique tips too, I'm going to try that out for sure.