Eye Makeup Correction "Pen"

  1. I saw an ad somewhere for an eye makeup correction eraser-type pen, but I can't remember who makes it or where to buy it. It seemed an easy way to touch-up little smudges and mistakes.

    Does anyone know about this?

  2. I used to work for Estee Lauder and I remember before I quit that they were coming out w/a product like you described. It should be call "Take It Away"
  3. i use the shiseido one. it works well on waterproof makeup as well.
  4. Many thanks for your help!
  5. I have one from Sephora, its really great. Quite useful on mascara smudges.
  6. Shiseido as well.
  7. I found this incredible Makeup Correction Pen that is 100% natural, works wonderfully to correct traditional, or Semi Permanent Cosmetics. You can find it online MarbellaCosmetics.com - Plus they also offer the 24 hour Makeup pen that is waterProof, SmudgeProof, KissProof, ClumpFree for your lips, eyes, eyebrows. Eyeliner, Lip liner and Eyebrow liner that stays on your skin 24 hours, but its natural. This is the best cosmetic pen ever!! Marbellacosmetics.com
  8. I use one by Revlon. Work great. You have to dab and then blot to avoid removing stuff you didn't intend to.
  9. I think I saw that same ad...I really want one too! Was it this one by L'Oreal