Eye make up for uneven eyes - suggestion pls


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Apr 13, 2008

I've a double eye lid on one eye and a single on the other. Its noticeable that the single eye lid eye looks smaller than the other. I'm in need of suggestions on how to apply make up to help even things out.

I don't have much experience with make up. I currently own estee lauder's liquid eye liner, automatic pencil for eyes and eye shadows.


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Mar 14, 2006
Hong Kong

The only way to even it out completely is to use double eyelid tape or glue to make the single lid a double. However, over time it can loosen your skin (not something you want) and it's a hassle to do it on a daily basis.

Another solution is to do a dark smoky eye to give the illusion that your single eyelid is as big as your double eyelid. However, this may not work for day time...I'm not allowed to wear smoky eye makeup at work because I teach. :P If you can wear it on a daily basis, then push the darker shade that you apply on your crease a little further up on the single eyelid side so that from far away your eyes look the same size.

Sometimes, when I don't have enough sleep, my eyelids are different too. On those days I usually just wear a bit of mascara and rock the wonky eyed look :lol: Drawing too much attention to it may make it look even weirder...