Eye lash extension?? should i try it?

  1. hiii guyss,

    was wondering if any of you guys had it done! will it damage my own lashesss and most importantly is it worth it??

    Please share your storiesss...
  2. sometimes if not done carefully, you can see the line of falsies.

    also, choose one of the shortest availible for the most natural look. i find that eyelash extensions are not best for length but excellent for full lashes.
  3. IntlSet had them done i think. She posted about getting them. You should check out her thread because I don't think she liked them very much. I've gotten individual eyelashes and didn't like them because they looked bad. I want to go to NY and have some really great makeup artist to show me how to put them on properly.
  4. i read about it in vogue once, the girl raved about it, the first couple of days she regretted it, but then with water they came back to life and she loved that it made her look so much younger.
  5. I have them done once a montha and tey look gorgeous. I ave Jinny Lashesdone and they look lovely and natural. Tip: don't use oily make-up remover, it takes them straight off!
  6. But what if I use waterproof mascara? :rolleyes: If you don't mind, how much is it in London to have them done? :tender:
  7. I love to try new things, I say go for it!
  8. Eh.... results (and prices) vary wildly.

    It REALLY sucks paying $250-$350 for lashes that you end up hating, or that only last for one week.

    The problem is that unless you're in the beauty industry, it's difficult to know what "kit" your pro is using. Some really suck: like the ones I got. Half of the eyelashes fell out in the first 24 hours, and they were completely gone in 6 days. They weighed down my natural eyelashes and I couldn't curl them. That was by far the biggest waste of money ever. I'm debating whether to go to a different salon and try them again because I have heard raves like LondonBrat's, but my own experience was REALLY a put-off!
  9. I did it and they looked so real that my boyfriend never noticed at all.

    However, eventually, your lashes grow and then you have these falsies glued onto the center of them (instead of the base), so they kind of lift up.

    I'd do it again for a special occasion, so that I dont have to worry about them falling off, but I'm not going to keep doing it generally.
  10. I would love to see before and after pictures.
  11. I got some fake everyday wear ones from Shu uemura at Saks, and they looked great!! They aren't permanent but they're pretty easy to put on for special occasions. I think it was $15 for a box and then aobut $7.50 for the glue.
  12. I've tried the cheap glue on ones from drugstores and I cant figure them out at all. I wonder if this extension thing even exsits in Oklahoma..?
  13. I know shu uemura ships, and it doesnt' feel plasticy on you eyelashes :smile: I love it!!
  14. Hey Rosaleena, I get them done every 3 weeks and they're great. It's alot more expensive in central London...they charge over a hundred pounds but I have this eyelash technician that does home visits at no extra charge for like £50 per treatment. She'll only come out for 2 people at a time though. Try it it's really great when you have someone who's very professional. Let me know if you want her number. Ciao
  15. I have them done in Beauty Secrets on Kings road. They cost about £1 per eyelash. I have about £50 done (25 each eye). Ive had jinny lashes and Lavish lashes donw and i find they are both the same.
    They last about 2-3 weeks.

    If you use waterproof mascara, dont use baby oil to remove them. Opt for a lighter waterproof makeup remover like Estee Lauder Take it Away. It removes waterproof makeup but is not oily at all.