Eye Jewelry

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    Emma Rossum

    I think it looks attractive on some people.

    What do you think ?
  2. phew..I was thinking earrings for eyes when I read the topic.
    I like it!
  3. I used to wear eye jewelry back in the day (1998!) I loved the look, though I don't think I will go back to wearing it.
  4. I've seen some photos of it, and it's really pretty (if done properly)
  5. it looks pretty uncomfortable. :yes:
  6. yes exactly my thoughts. although it does look sweet :yes:
    only an ok if one is doing a photoshoot or something...
  8. love it. although i'd look like a prick.
  9. i love it. i have some sticky crystals for that same reason but i only use 1 or 2 at a time, not around my whole eye. best for nighttime too i think
  10. That photograph is gorgeous but seems like such hard work :yes:
  11. The photo looks nice, but I don't think I would actually ever do something like that. The crystals look kinda heavy though.
  12. It would have to be a really special occasion I think to wear something like that but would be very striking!
  13. eyejewel.jpg
  14. this is probably the one case i like where people wear it in public.

    otherwise...its best for the photoshoots for makeup. especially mac
  15. I have an urge to pick it off.