Eye Floaters

  1. Does anyone here suffer from this condition or know anything about it?

    My brother was born with floaters in the eyes but a month ago, it got so bad it affected his sight. He couldn't read like he used to because large ones were blocking his vision. He's in Fort Myers right now doing a rare and dangerous laser surgery to remove them, but after 6 sessions he says he's not getting better. Does anyone know what to do about a situation like this?

  2. I have no suggestions, but lots of support. My husband went thru something similar. Floaters were bothering him and he went to the opthamologist.His were a type that they told him he would gradually get used to them. He has, but it took a long time.

    Best wishes and prayers to your brother.
  3. I've had floaters for as long as I can remember - since I was a kid. The only place they bother me is at work where we have beige walls with nothing on them and fluorescent lights. When they bother me, I have a hard time reading black print on white paper and problems reading my computer screen. My opthamologist never recommended any type of treatment, though.
  4. Thanks everyone!
  5. Sorry Tammy. I hope his condition improves.
  6. we will all keep him in our prayers. I have had them since I became an adult not too bad just enough that I can see them when I concenterate on them.