Eye creams for twentysomethings

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    I was browsing through the "What eye cream do you use" and Sephora.com and realized...I'm clueless on what kind of eye cream to buy!
    I'm 20 years old, I don't really have a wrinkle problem, though lately I've been getting dark circles under my eyes (I'd also like to start preventing wrinkles in the future). Since I'm currently at school, the nearest Sephora/Ulta is about an hour away...are there any decent drugstore brands that would be good to use? Or should I just wait until I'm home again and go to a department store?
  2. i used oil of olay in my early twenties and loved it! then i moved on to clinique's all about eyes. loved them both. but def give oil of olay a try;)
  3. roc, i havent tried ne other drug store ones
  4. I use MAC's eye cream when my skin is dry, and Kiehl's eye cream for men (sorry don't know the name) during the warmer months.
  5. Thanks for your responses everyone!

    Unfortunately, for the vast majority of the year, I live in a tiny little town that has only a Walmart and a Walgreens to pick up basic essentials at. I don't know when I'll be back to my hometown again, so I might try the Olay ones in the meantime.
  6. I'm in my 20's too and started using an eye cream about 2 years ago. Not for wrinkles, but just for prevention and puffiness. I like Clinique's All about Eyes. It's really moisturizing and light weight. For a starter eye cream, it's a good basic one.
  7. Update:
    I picked up Olay Complete Ageless Eye Brightening Cream today to try out. It was only $15 and looked like it would do the job. If it doesn't work however, I'll check out Clinique next time I get to a mall.
  8. At your age, I would use a highly protective, stable UVA(UVB) sunscreen :smile:
  9. Thanks pickle - I think that's a great idea. I will have to pick some up tomorrow when I'm running errands.
  10. Wow OP, literally every word of your first post describes the situation I'm in too..weird! Thanks for all the ideas girls :smile: I'm definitely going to CVS today to buy one of those!
  11. Trueshoelove2 - I'm glad this helped you as well! I actually have felt a difference already with the one I bought (Olay Complete Ageless Eye Brightening Cream), I was a little apprehensive because of some negative reviews online, but it feels great and my eyes look a little better already! Definitely worth checking out.

    Slickchickit - That one's a little out of my price range at the moment, but thanks for pointing it out - I really like that it's all natural :smile:
    It's going on my Sephora wishlist next time I go home.
  12. I love Origins No Puffery. It's great, cooling and totally a life saver the morning after I've had a bit much :smile:
  13. For your age I think Kiehls Eye Alert or Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer are good for getting rid of dark circles and keeping the skin under the eyes hydrated.
  14. Neutrogena makes some good under eye hydrators too - I would check that out since WalMart/Walgreens carry Neutrogena :smile: