Eye Cream??!!

  1. I need a good eye cream....i dont need anything heavy for dark circles or anything i just need an eye cream that will give my eyes a boost in the morning when i wake up.

    i want something to take the puffiness out and brighten the eye area!!!!

  2. prevage eye cream...I honestly do not know what I would do with out it!
  3. thanks..where can i get this?!
  4. I just posted a link so you can have a look...
  5. thanks...i must of posted at the same time you were and didnt see the link!!! im gonna have to go check it out!
  6. I'm using one from Dior right now. I forget the exact name, but I got it from Sephora.
  7. Wow, that is very expensive for an eye cream. A lot of dermatologists and MAs will tell you that the trick is using an eye cream to begin with, but doesn't necessarily need to be a particular one. The Body Shop has an eye cream that works great for much less.
  8. I have had so many issues with my eyes that its all about the consistancy for me. And like anything in life, some things work different for others. I have tried hundreds of eye creams and this one works the best for me. A bit pricey, yes, but so worth it to me.
  9. Elizabeth Arden "Good Morning" Eye Cream will do just that.
  10. I'm using Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Eyecare Concentrate now, and it's alright, I guess. I used to use Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Eye Treatment and it irritated my eyes.
  11. Prevage eye cream is supposed to be really good - it's one of the ones that is proven to work. But if you don't need something specifically for dark circles or fine lines, I would recommend: Boots no. 7 revitalizing eye gel (lower-priced), L'Occitane's eye express w/ olive water (mid-priced) or Chanel's Beaute Initiate eye w/ SPF 15 (higher priced). I have used them all. Now I am using the Chanel because I like that it has SPF.
  12. Chanel sublimage is FANTASTIC
  13. I would recommend something like L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Boots or Benefit Eyecon...

    Store it in the fridge and apply it cold to REALLY de-puff your eyes. It works like magic with any cream or gel! IMHO, if you're not looking for something ultra moisturizing or wrinkle-reducing there's no need to spend a ton of money on a fancy cream :shrugs:...