eye cream

  1. should the eye cream you use during the day have spf in it or is a regular one fine if your facial moisturizer has spf? If it should have spf then should you have a seperate eye cream for night?
  2. oops had another question....are cleansers that contain alcohol a no no?

    thanks ladies!
  3. There are several forums about eye creams, do a quick search and you may find a lot of useful info :yes:
    If your day moisturizer has SPF in it, then I don't believe it's necessary for you to use a separate eye cream with SPF. Just pat the moisturizer gently around the eye area, then at night use your normal eye creams. (No SPF necessary since you're going to bed of course)

    About the face wash, usually cleansers containing alcohol are very drying for the skin so I recommend a cleanser that is alcohol-free and very gentle. This will help retain the natural moisture in your skin and keep your skin looking healthy. :yes: