Eye contact with animals...

  1. Why is it that when you look at a cat, they look away from you? I've seen a few dogs do the same, but most dogs I know lock their eyes with me as if they're waiting for me to tell them what to do. I just started thinking about this today as I was looking at Figaro and I noticed he wouldn't ever, no matter what I did, look straight into my eyes. Hmm...
  2. My theory is because cats are evil!! I swear they are manipulative little planners! They can't look you in the eyes, less you learn their plan :sneaky: I'm sorry guys, lol, but cats are such strange animals, I could never own one :upsidedown:
  3. It's interesting that you brought this up...my DH were just taliking about this. Our cattle dogs, which I consider smarter than most people I know, will lock a gaze and hold it; they even meet our eyes in the mirror! I wish I knew more about dog's psyche.

    As for the cats, as you said, they simply have their own agenda. I agree Neeya-VERY strange animals. I mean, who wants to be looked in the eye by a d*** cat?
  4. I read a book on the language of cats written by J Lo's cat's trainer and it said that looking a cat in the eye is like confrontation. So I would assume that your cat looking away is a signal that you are superior in the relationship, if that makes any sense.

    The best thing to do, according to this book, is to look your cat in the eye and blink slowly a few times. I do this with my cat and she blinks back at me.
  5. After reading this thread I walked over to our cat and held him and looked him straight in the eyes.
    He looked back and head butted me. I handed him over to my DH and our cat looked my husband back in the eyes and started to pur very loudly. We then walked over to our daughter and handed her the cat and the cat stared her in the eyes as well.
    However, whenever our cat has been a "bad" kitty by doing something mischievious, it's then when he refuses to make eye contact with us.
    And no, our cat is not slow or retarded!
  6. Exactly!

    I do this too and when the cat blinks back, it's supposed to be a sign of affection :yes: It's their way of "blowing kisses" to us :smile:

    Also, whenever I come back home from running errands or something and I go up the stairs when I come back, my cat comes to great me and I bow down to him, to let him "smell" my nose (kinda like eskimo kisses) and then he bows his little head and I kiss him on top of it. It's such a cute little ritual, we do it all the time. Does anyone else do this? :yes:
  7. One of my cats stares at me and doesn't look away, the other stares when she thinks I'm not watching but she usually won't look me in the eye if I look at her.
    However, she runs to greet me when I get home, sits up like a dog and lets me pet her and pick her up..then I tuck her head under my chin for a minute and she is happy...that is our daily greeting.
    The other cat I pick up and let her sniff my nose then she is good to go. Both will lick my hand or arm I guess when they're happy with me.. Crazy rituals...
  8. Aww that's so sweet. I'm going to start doing that with Remy.
  9. Ooh recently my cat & I had a staring contest... he held my eyes longer than normal and I thought it was funny so I kept staring at him! It was probably less than 30 seconds but it seemed like FOREVER and he finally got freaked out, made a weird noise, jumped up and ran away! Lol.. my other cats don't hold eyes for long periods of time.
  10. To some animals (like baboons) looking them in the eye is considered threatening.
  11. My cat looks at me in the eyes all the time.
  12. My cats make and hold eye contact with me all the time. They also hold eye contact in the mirror.

    Feral cats or just shy cats (and dogs) feel threatened when strangers look them in the eye.

    Don't forget the saying "you can't out stare a cat".

  13. :roflmfao: Sorry! :smile:

    We have 2 cats, and sometimes when the more mental one is looking at me I stick my tongue out at her and she does it back :smile:
    (we don't think she's all there! :roflmfao:)
  14. When I say something to one of my cats, he looks at me like he's trying to figure out what I'm saying.

    The other one doesn't care . . . except when he's hungry. He'll look right at you and whine.
  15. My cat will look me in the eye and hold my gaze. She also does that slow blink. She likes to play "peek-a-boo" -- I peek around a wall, then hide, and repeat. She eventually runs around the corner and meows at me. So cute!