Eye candy ...

  1. cute!
    they only had this in brown when i was in TO on the weekend :sad: or i would have got it.
    cell phone.jpg
  2. Toooo cute!!! I'm wanting it!!!
  3. I have it it's so cute!
    Pastilles Acc.jpg
  4. awwwwww that really is cute
  5. Ooooooooooooo very cute :yes:
  6. It's really cute. I want one but too afraid I'm going to lose it.
  7. That's really adorable. Worth way more than my cell phone. :smile:
  8. Aw, so sweet!! Now I want one!
  9. oooo cute
  10. I want one of those! It's funny how deeper I get into LV, my old 'convictions' ('would never spend that much for that) goes to hell in a hand-basket! :smile:
    I noticed they have the brown on elux right now for 180. Are they difficult to find in mc? They're on eBay for 350.00!!
  11. I just love it...looks adorable. Can you use it for anything besides just a phone charm? Is there a way to put in on a small bag...like loop it through?
  12. I wondered the same thing...and I also wondered that about the inclusion hair accessory...that seems like it could make a unique bag charm.
  13. really adorable!
  14. cute!
  15. Really cute...I almost snatched one up on eluxury when I saw it a week or two ago...but no free shipping :sad: