Eye candy!

  1. I used to wear a certain fashion that can only be bought in Japan. I loved it like I love Hermes now! It's such torture to the people that enjoy it to have poor access to it; the stores exist only in Japan, and to those that love the fashion dearly, they are like small heavens tucked into huge malls. So any time some lucky girl went to Japan, the most popular request would be to try and snap some pics of the inside of the store, so that everyone could drool over the gorgeous pieces that could rarely be seen in their purchasing environment. Most places won't let you take pics of the store/merchandise, but when we actually got to see photos of the store and merchandise, wow it was great, lol, since most of us have never been to Japan and have no way of going.

    So. Sorry, I'm longwinded :biggrin: I can only make it to the Hermes Charlotte store maybe every two weeks, thanks to my college schedule, though sometimes I can hit South Park once or twice during the weekend. I was there yesterday, and went back today to the mall to pick up some items that I didn't have time to get yesterday. As I was walking around, I realized I had my digi camera with me, for the superbowl party later. So I walked to Hermes (closed of course) and snapped some pics, to drool over during the week, especially because my BABY, my PRECIOUS (:biggrin:) is sitting square in the front window, looking beautiful as can be :biggrin: Obsessed with the bag, maybe just a bit ;)

    Anyhoo, for anyone that needs a fix...some Hermes photos for you! I hope it wasn't bad to take the photos :shame: I know there are some Charlotte Hermes employs here, and if I've violated some kind of no-photo rule, I apologize immensely!! :shame: It's just nice to be able to see bags in photos since they don't have them in the online shop to look at! Oh and a pic of me wearing my new Twilly! I went PINK today!! Just can't wait to have *the* bag to match it all :crybaby:
    hermespic1.jpg hermespic2.jpg hermespic3.jpg hermespic5.jpg hermespic4.jpg
  2. Love the snaps Neeya! Thanks.
  3. Neeya, thank you so much for sharing those pics. You look lovely wearing your new twilly.
  4. Great pics! Thanks for posting Neeya! And Congrats on your beautiful new twilly!
  5. Gorgeous pics!!! That fuschia bolide is 2die4!!! BTW, that bride de gala twilly in the pink colorway looks fab on you!! Thanks for taking the time to post some *HOT* eye candy! OOOHHH..wait..is that a birkin I spy in behind the glass case in red or is it a HAC????
  6. Lovely pics & AMAZING bag, Twilly looks good on you!
  7. Thanks for the pics and love the twilly! Is that a fuschia HAC I spy on the shelf, next to the orange bolide?
  8. Ah...I needed that! I am going crazy, I want another Hermes bag so badly...I may need to grab a small prize to hold me over. thanks so much!!
  9. Thank you! It's a HAC I believe, a really lovely one!! And it's in a pretty pink color, I think Fuschia, I'm just not sure of the leather! ^_^
  10. Ooh that is some nice eye candy indeed! Thankyou for the pics! You look great with the pink BDG twilly!!!
  11. OMG that Bolide is TDF!!! Thanks for the pics! Love the Massai too.:yahoo:
  12. ^ chevre!!!

    Neeya, the pics AND you are so beautiful!!!
  13. Nice pics...the twilly looks great on you!
  14. Okay. I'm crazy for the shoes. Anyone know anything about them? ????

  15. I would like one of each please.