Eye Candy

  1. LaVan: That can be your violine ostrich birkin!!!
  2. That's gorgeous!!
  3. That's a gorgeous violet color!! I would love a Paris Bombay bag in that shade of ostrich:love:
  4. OH....MY....GOSH!!!! Let me catch my breath! GORGEOUS birkin!!!! :heart: :love:
  5. OMG! That is GORGEOUS!!!! I just love ostrich!
  6. That would be beautiful!!!
  7. Isn't that violet ostrich birkin the one La Van is waiting for it to arrive soon? Where is La Van?
  8. WOW! Ostrich takes on the colors so beautifully! YUMMMM!!
  9. Thanks for sharing these pics! The one you picked out is gorgeous!
  10. The Japanese translates as Hermes Birkin 30 Ostriche Violette
  11. Thanks Venezia! So is is violet, not Violine. La Van, I just can't wait to see this elusive color, Violine!!
  12. It's violet ostrich birkin 30. La Van, you should get it!!!
  13. I can't wait to see the violine. I'm imagining it as a purplish black (or a blackish purple?) so that with different lighting or viewed from different angles, the color varies.
  14. Oooh!!! I just saw this thread!!!

    That is one gorgeous Birkin. I do think it's the violette. I'm waiting for violine and I hope it looks as gorgeous as that one! I think violine is a bit darker than violette.