Eye candy - yet another scarf

  1. Well, just another new scarf to share. This one's my favorite, I'm really glad this colourway came in.
    blackjardin 002.jpg blackjardin 003.jpg blackjardin 005.jpg blackjardin 006.jpg blackjardin 007.jpg
  2. Beautiful, congrats!
  3. Gorgeous. These scarves are amazing irl, aren't they? I bought several c/w because I couldn't stop myself. Enjoy!
  4. Love it! - I have the Jardins d'Hivers in the rose pink and am fascinated with the details!
  5. I adore this design especially in this colorway! Enjoy it!!
  6. I have the rose also, I just can't resist buying another! They are beautiful, aren't they?
  7. Beautiful!!!!!
  8. Ooooh! I love it!
  9. Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. It's gorgeous! I'm still trying to decide between the black and the aqua green colourways.
  11. Congratulations! We need to see you model you new scarf, LyannaS!
  12. Oh my gosh I love that cw! Congrats!!!
  13. fabulous!:tup:
  14. Great scarf, congrats!!! Love this design. Yeah, lets see some modelling shots!
  15. Ooh the Jardin, gorgeous! I just love the detailing on this scarf.