Eye Candy - SS 2007 Runway Photos

  1. Not yet ... I am just making sure there is a place holder for anyone to post the photos when they come out ... just a few more days ... The next few days will be exciting. May the fastest poster win a big cyber champange/spakling wine in the context of Australia :flowers:
  2. Fastest Poster wins:
  3. HA ha ha ha ha ... K, I can die right now.
  4. This pic frankly freaks me out, but it is from JPG's S/S 2007 show "Thirty year retrospective Fall 2003 Haute Couture" (credit Style.com) and the model has a Kelly:

  5. :lol: DH just e-mailed me that pic and asked me if that was a Kelly.
  6. Lmao! Isn't that the scariest thing?
  7. It's one of those Chinese terracotta warriors come to life! Lol!

    Looking at the rest of the runway, she's in good company!:shocked::Push:
  8. A terracotta warrior come to life wouldn't be so freaky. It's the lack of facial features that does me.

    This reminds me of a burn patient being completely swaddled in bandages. I'm thinking the first shot we had of Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient.

    Didn't even notice the Kelly initially - blending in amidst all that busy fabric.
  9. ... ... ... I am speechless :shrugs: ...

    Or "Yuhuuu...Where are you kelly?" :confused1:

    OOOO...There u are !!! Is that you? Ermmm....
  10. Amkur, you DESERVE that Symbiose for showing that picture on here!!!!!:upsidedown: :P
  11. Houndstooth or plaid bandages... Isn't that classified as torture?
  12. ^^^hehehe. If it isn't, it sure should be, dangit!

    Next Hermes telemovie: Extreme Matchy-matchy! Coming to your TV screens soon!
  13. You really start to understand the phrase "adding insult to injury" in this case. :P
  14. Oooh. We can get GrandsFonds aka K to contribute to the script. Or is she writing it?? I love her H finds. And now, if only she can get them all together for the ultimate "look". :lol:
  15. I wonder if she's saved this pic into her H ugly file? She could come out with an entire catalogue entitled:
    Hall of Shame.