Eye Candy: LV Chopsticks

  1. Pretty!!
  2. I think I saw them before and it was on eBay too.
  3. きれい!(Pretty). though quite pricey...MSRP about $500 US!
  4. whoa sweet! i want those!
  5. I like those!
    I want it...not to eat with, just for looking at.
  6. cool
  7. LV does alot of special edition items for the Asian market.....
    I think they're adorable !!!!
  8. They are very pretty! How unique!
  9. How cute hehe
  10. I think it use to be an VIP gift.
  11. Those are very pretty! I could not use them though! ;)
  12. so pretty, but who would use them..?
  13. Pretty pricey for such small things! :p
  14. I actually collect chopsticks... those seem a little outa my price range though. I still want em!!