Eye candy galore! (Don`t you love my internship?)

  1. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I certainly do love my job and I`m pretty unhappy about the fact that my internship is going to end in about 4 weeks, I loved it here!

    One of the perks is getting to see many pieces from the upcoming S/S collections and I think it`s safe by now to let you have a peek into what`s coming up at BV- fresh from the Milan trade fairs...

    Starting with the most gorgeous bags:
    Bottega Veneta4416_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta4460_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4462_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4511_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4514_2000x2000_130KB.jpg
  2. Going on with the bags...
    Bottega Veneta 4517_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4520_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4523_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4531_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4540_2000x2000_130KB.jpg
  3. And still not done...
    Bottega Veneta 06930_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 06935_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 6937_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 06965_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 06968_2000x2000_130KB.jpg
  4. Shoes, shoes, shoes...
    Bottega Veneta4418_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta4441_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4518_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4529_2000x2000_130KB.jpg
  5. The most divine accessories...
    Bottega Veneta4472_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta4473_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta4477_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4502_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4503_2000x2000_130KB.jpg
  6. Exhausted yet?
    Bottega Veneta 4504_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4507_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4508_2000x2000_130KB.jpg Bottega Veneta 4545_2000x2000_130KB.jpg
  7. Wow - amazing things. I LOVE the croc montaigne! Thanks - I'm liking your internship too! Any ideas where you'll be going next?
  8. Hmmh, I still have to finish my studies, mistikat, but I hope that`ll be done in january. After that- no clue yet. Would love to get a spot at a CondéNast magazine. Or being press rep for BV *lol*
  9. I have a journalism degree but worked in PR for 25 years. Am now getting ready to put my vintage jewelry site online.... but working in the fashion industry would have been a lot of fun, I think. And at least you've made good connections... Where are you located? (And can you get any discounts on that luscious BV merch?)
  10. You're so lucky! You have one of my dream jobs. How competitive was it to score that internship? What's your major? I wish I lived closer to LA or NYC so I could do something like that.
  11. Wow, vintage jewelry site sound exiting, really!

    I do study in Vienna, but am currently in Munich, where most of the German fashion magazines are located.

    No discounts on BV yet, but many other perks! ;o)
  12. awww, C_24, thank you thank you thank you!!!
    wishing you the bestest for your future career, a press rep for BV would be super!!!
    and, I just love this little one.:love:
  13. You`re more than welcome, Mid-, I know you ladies are smiling all over your face right now!

    Demosthenes, I`m majoring in Communication studies (sort of a mix between journalism and PR) and at ELLE, it was oddly not half as competitive as I though it be!
  14. Having lived in Berlin for two years, and dealing with how expensive it was, grab all the perks you can get!
  15. Oh goodness, I must've died and gone to BV heaven! Too gorgeous for words, Claus, thank you!

    I especially love the knots ~ any idea of price range?


    and this bag just speaks spring to me :love: