Eye Candy from Paris

  1. I took photos of parts of the windows at Hermes in Paris to share with you....as I was drooling of course. I love the patent leathered Kelly. Enjoy!
    tower.jpg aqua.jpg blue.jpg patent.jpg red.jpg
  2. Lovely! Thanks for the pics! *Drooling* HOpe you had a fantastic time in Paris!
  3. OMG I thought you were going to say you bought every last one of them.
  4. Love love love that last picture! (and the first one too) I have loved orange since I was a little girl and these just top it all off!!!
  5. Thank you for the lovely pictures.
  6. Oh how beautiful! Thanks for posting the pix!
  7. looove the eye candy! yum!! thanks for sharing!
  8. Happy1, thanks for sharing! How gorgeous... Each time I go to Paris, I try to remember to take pictures of the mothership's windows. I have a few but I have to look for them. Has anyone seen Leila Menchari's Hermes Windows book?
  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love them. The small croc Kelly in red is my favorite. That's my dream bag ... someday!
  10. Great pics. Happy, did you snag anything from there?
  11. Wow!!!!
  12. I think I've died and gone to heaven. Thanks for the lovely pics...I will cherish them. :smile:
  13. Oh, how gorgeous! Thank you!!
  14. Beautiful pictures!!
  15. Thanks for sharing!