Eye candy from Hermès Marbella, Spain

  1. Here are some window pics from Hermès Marbella. The ostrich Kelly looks like the mysterious violine ... but not sure since the shop was already closed when I went.

    It's so weird since shops in Puerto Banus normally closes at midnight ... yes, midnight, but Hermès closes early.

    Well, I had a lot of fun at the beach and walking around the port.

    Marbella3.jpg Marbella2.jpg Marbella1.jpg
  2. Thanks, LaVan for posting photos. (Next time I am at the H boutique here, I will have to remember to take photos). It looks like this store has pretty nice selection!
  3. LaVan, what was your impression of this (possible violine) color in the ostrich? It looks like a plummy mauve and nicely neutral.
  4. Considering Marbella (especially the Port area) is quite small, it's amazing how big the shop was. Peeking through the glass door, I also saw a red Kelly!
  5. I really liked it! It looks like a very good neutral and an alternative to black or blue. In real life, it also looked like it had blue undertones.
  6. That sounds lovely! I keep coming back here to look at the ostrich kelly. There's something about that color and I think you nailed it, it must be the blue undertones - I love it.
  7. So pretty!
    La Van, if this is violine, do you think you'll take the Birkin that's coming to your store?
  8. Thanks for the pics La Van! Mmmmm Bolides! :girlsigh:
  9. Thanks for the pictures. That Kelly is so beautiful and I am now lusting after that Plume. Glad to hear you had a good time in sunny Spain.
  10. I have to think about it when I actually see the bag. Though, currently, I'm lusting more after a red one!
  11. LaVan, that's a gorgeous Kelly in display there!! I know that colors can vary based on the monitor setting so can you advise on what the color looks like for you in natural light? Is it purple purple or is it more like a DARK pinkish purple? I mean, I know you said it has a blue undertone but is it redder/pinker than raisin and violet? Also, is there any way to find out from teh SA the name of this gorgeous color?

    I mean, if it's really violine ostrich and the color is really more Plummy (reddish pinkish) than the raisin purple or blue purple, then I'm sooo getting that in a Paris-Bombay ~~
  12. Guess what? Ok, Kou gave me the great idea to call the SA. The mystery is solved. I called the shop and the color is .... VIOLETTE!!! Dang, I think the violine is still a mystery then.

    I guess my eyes got duped since it was next to that little fuchsia agenda and it made the color so different from violette in other leathers.
  13. Love it! Love that ostrich Kelly. GORGEOUS!!! Thank you LaVAn for sharing and for calling for us.
  14. Wait, so that one is violette ostrich? Does it look purple in comparison to raisin or lilac? Or does it have a bit of a plummey pinkish reddish tinge to it? I mean, how does it compare to cyclamen? It looks a bit pinkish on my end, looks like tPF's color (the dark color part) on my screen.
  15. OMG that Kelly is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Thanks for the pix!