Eye candy for the ladies! Arnold in the 70s


Mar 16, 1980
I am not much into modern bodybuilders, but Arnold definitely was way ahead of his time back when he was competing.

Shoot, what an aesthetic build! So amazingly defined, yet it doesn't look like too much mass... fantastic routine, poses and charisma on stage. :biguns:

Check out this compilation.

You likes?
Thanks Vlad! I think he was a great bodybuilder. Plus, given that he came to the US with something like $36 and could not speak English, I think that love him or not, he has done quite well for himself.
He's well-defined without being overly veiny. (I HATE overly veiny . . . . I also hate biceps as big as the person's head! Arnold doesn't have that, I'm just saying.)
Hell-o, steroids!

I like muscles, but I don't like it when the skin looks like it's got saran wrap stretched over it. He's wonderful on stage, though!