Eye Candy-Dior Fall 2006

  1. The people at Bergdorfs insist on torturing me by sending me these e-mails for bags I can't afford :sad2: ​

    Thought I'd share though-they're all available for pre-order now



  2. Very pretty colors.
  3. sratsey, thanks for passing on the torture! I adore the colors... so rich!
  4. Ooh, I'd love that first bag if it weren't for the stitching all over the place. Hmmmm!
  5. I love the dior saddle bag. Can you only get this bag in a "real" store?

  6. Ronja, some of the department stores have Dior boutiques inside them. I know my Saks does and have seen other NMs that have them. I see you're not in the U.S. but I'm sure you can find one.
  7. i love the firstone!!
  8. :love: the brown tote!
  9. i love the first one!!!! thanks for posting!
  10. thanks for posting! i love the first one!
  11. I really like the second one....niceee! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I like the last one!
  13. Thanks, nope....I just checked. DK does not have a Dior shop...Now that *... :smile:

  14. love the tote. thanks for posting the pics.
  15. Pretty!