Eye Candies: Chloe spring and summer catalogs

  1. Spring 1:
    spr 1.jpg P1010249.JPG P1010250.JPG P1010251.JPG P1010252.JPG
  2. spring 2:
    spr 2.jpg P1010244.JPG P1010245.JPG P1010246.JPG P1010247.JPG
  3. one more spring 2:
  4. summer 1:
    chloe sum 1.jpg P1010227.JPG P1010228.JPG P1010229.JPG P1010230.JPG
  5. sommer 1: continue... Purple Heloise:heart::heart:
    P1010231.JPG P1010232.JPG P1010233.JPG P1010234.JPG
  6. Summer 2:
    chloe sum 2.jpg P1010235.JPG P1010236.JPG P1010237.JPG P1010238.JPG
  7. omg those pics are fabulous!! how'd you get those???
  8. last page...summer 2
    P1010239.JPG P1010240.JPG P1010241.JPG P1010242.JPG P1010243.JPG
  9. Got the catalogs from boutique, scanned the summary page and took photos of each page.

    Also happy to report: PYTHON PADDIES, for summer. Not in california, though...

    New paddies are made with lamb leather, not calf, so it is thinner and feels different. New style of paddy called paddy snap, with plastic lock now (not see thru, ,maybe ceramic??) And Saskia will be availble in purple as well....New bags coming in the next month or so.

  10. Oh, wow! Thanks Acshih that Heloise has got me again. Dang her. Please tell me the second you see her IRL. Did they say when?
  11. Wow! Thanks for posting this!!! So sweet of you.
  12. The Heloise is definitely a Fabulous bag. I just received my red patent today and I love it!! Now I must have one in the regular leather too( I'm so greedy..lol)!!!
  13. Acshih! My heart is palpitating *pants like crazy*

    Thanks so much for the photos - what an effort! I'm LOVING the foldover clutch in the first lot of photos, especially the blue one. The weird thing is, I've seen this online and in stores and I was like "Meh!"

    I adore the Mayas and the Saskias... and Susie! DIV! the vermillion bumbag - NOW I totally understand LOL
  14. Thank you so much for scanning this, acshih!
    Just a question without much hope for a positive reply.... No Betties, right? :crybaby:
  15. Seeing this is not good for the wallet. I want the purple bay but I also want the other patent purple. That one is just lovely. Not sure of the name on that one. I would also very much like a Kerala bag now after looking at that.
    I will have to settle on one though. Probably wont be Kerala. I am drooling by the look of the patent purple:drool: