eye brows

  1. what do you do for unruly eye brows?
    tried like 3 diffrent eyebrow products to tame them
    tryed eye brow waz from tart
    tried eyebrow gel
    is there something else i can do to tame my eyebrows.
    (hoping i dont get told to pluck them lol)
    any help i get thanks
  2. Try spraying some hairspray on an eyebrow brush then combing the brush through your brows in the direction/style that you want them to be.

    Good luck!
  3. Do you trim them at all? If not, do that, then put some chapstick on your finger and run your finger thru your brow followed by a brow brush to kind of "style" them the way you want. That should do the trick.
  4. yup, trim them. I have bushy eyebrows ( thanks dad:sad:) . But between the threading and trimming you'd never know. They just look full and perfect.
  5. Trimming with small mustache scissors will def help. I have to trim mine also!
  6. I agree with everyone on here. I pluck my eyebrows because I got them from my fathers side... *sigh* But I also trim them. If you pluck them but don't trim then they'll still look semi-crazy. I then use clear eyebrow gel. Every brand seems to work fine with me so I don't really recommend a specific one.

    I can't live without that stuff! LoL! I never really feel like I'm "pretty." But I do feel pretty and better when my eyebrows are nice and done. It just makes me face look a lot cleaner. I wish my eyebrows were naturally perfect. Damn my fathers genes! :roflmfao:
  7. my esthetician uses threading and also trims my eyebrows.
  8. do you get your eyebrows professionally done? When the esthetician waxes my eyebrows she also trims them. I used to have really busy eyebrows as well.