Eye brow maintenance

  1. Hey ladies,

    What technique is the best way to shape up your brow?

    - threading
    - plucking
    - waxing

    I usually go with threading, but the outcome doesn't seem consistent.
  2. Threading!, I get my brows done every month,and a half. I pluck the stray hairs that are far from the shape. When I get them done I get them done "naturally" (natural shape,just cleaned up). I like it alot!. I just wish it wasnt that painful ><
  3. ^same for me:smile:
  4. I wax every three weeks at my nail salon. I always feel better when my brows look clean and shaped!
  5. I do both waxing and threading. I find that threading more precise
  6. Goddamn lady ruined my eyebrows because I had to go to another lady since my good one only works saturdays and I worked till her shift ended. So now my right is dangerously thin and the other is so ****ing thick, so back to my good lady, who says it'll take 3 months for it to start looking okay..
  7. how is threading different from plucking? around how much would it cost to thread in the states? any good recommendations around seattle? hehe sorry for the many questions.

    the first time i pluck, i cried cuz it was just to painful!!! it was done in sg though :sad:
  8. I pluck mine using Anastasia brow stencils and they come out great. The trick with plucking is to open up the pores by either coming right out of the shower OR putting a warm washcloth on your brows and *then* plucking. Makes a big difference. Also, hold your skin taut when doing it and pull in the direction of the hair. Comes out much easier that way!
  9. I do threading. I love it and find it less painful than waxing. I've noticed that its not growing as much as before. its growing slower and not so thick like plucking. and no ingrowns.
  10. i just got my anastasia brow stencils in the mail and tried them out and my brows came out perfect :yahoo:
  11. I've tried both threading and waxing and at least for me, the waxing is less painful and lasts a little longer than the threading.
  12. I get my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks. I love the feeling right after, I feel so clean!
  13. Here's a salon in Seattle that does threading:
    Salon Image
    621 Queen Anne Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98109

    They charge $17 which is pretty high for the service but it's probably because there is not much competition. (In CA, the service is usually around $7.) But it might be good to go to once and have them shape the brow, then you can tweeze from there.
  14. ^^ thanks! maybe i'll give them a try. :smile:

  15. Do you know anywhere in San Jose/Santa Clara that does threading? I'd like to try it!