Eye brow grooming!

  1. Hello ladies! I'm new here. I can usually be found in the Coach forum.
    Here's my question: does anyone use eyebrow powder with a brush? If so, does it look pasty or fake? Too "done"? Does it smudge easily? Thanks for any imput!!!
  2. I use a brow posder soem days adn a pencil on others.
    I use both because I have 2 ver favorite products that both are fantastic!
    I have a Bare Minerals eye brow powder that comes w/ a stiff little angled brush.
    You tap off the excess so for me it never looks faux, you just keep going over it until you get the look you want.
    It's the only Bare Minerals product I use BTW.
    I also use Brow-nie eyebrow pencil By Too Faced, it's sort of waxy adn has a brush on the end to feather it out for you.
    I love both of them:yes:
  3. Thanks swanky and beauty! I'm gonna check those out, I love Sephora!!
  4. i have blonde hair & blonde eyebrows, that you can barely see. so i start off w/ a clear brow gel, it helps me see my brows a little better. then i use a blonde/auburn pencil from the body shop. i top it off w/ another application of the brow gel, so it "softens" the pencil. i've never used powders tho. i did get my brows tinted, years ago, but i didn't like it. my brows were way too dark for my hair/complection. i'm sure the process is much better these days... good luck!
  5. I dye my eyebrows as they're too light.
    I use a dark blonde pencil or powder.
  6. I use powder.
    The way I apply it is with a little lip brush. It goes on quite dark, but then I take a new mascara brush(You know the ones you can get in a package??) and comb over it until I get it to look the way I want. Then I set it with my powder foundation(But dont use a lot of foundation).

    The best advice I have for you is to just play with it. Once night when you have nothing to do, go in the bathroom and play with the look of your eyebrows lol.
  7. Thanks everyone!!:tup:
  8. I use Anna Sui Eyebrow powder. It comes in a pallette of light and dark brown and its application brush. I use the light one on the inside (the sides next to the nose) and go about 1/3 of the brows. Then, I use the darker one for rest of the brows. It looks natural on me. Doesn't smuge either.

    I also use brow gel afterward whenever I want a really done look.

  9. i love those days when i just sit in front of the mirror and play with make up!!
  10. i will recommend a department store buy and a drugstore buy.

    MAC brow finisher. It's a retractable wax stick that you can apply over your brows to groom them and it comes in several colors. I prefer the clear so you can see where you are putting it. runs about $15.

    Physicians Formula Wonder Brow. Very similar to the MAC brow finisher, also retractable but dirt cheap at about $5 or less. you can find it at Walmart and Ulta. Comes in different shades of brown and has a built in sharpener. love this too!

    that said, you can also use a brow brush/powder over these products to give your brows a more finished look. have fun!
  11. i really like the bare essentials eyebrow kit :smile: