Eybrows cut to perfection?

  1. I saw a neighbor today at the bus stop and her eyebrows were groomed and cut to perfection. I don't know how she does it? I would not think this is a thing on would do themselves........
    So how do you get your eyebrows to look this great. I know she does not get them done professionally.
  2. The lady that threads my eyebrows follows up w/ tweezers to get strays & then finishes w/tiny scissors. She shapes the eyebrows by cutting hair w/the scissors. She creates perfectly straight lines.
  3. I get my eyebrows waxed, tweezed and cut with the little scissors. I also have a little brush and some tinted eyebrow gel that I use for maintenance.
  4. Mine too..
  5. This probably sounds silly, but how does one go about finding a good professional for this service? I've never had that much attention in a salon before, but I sure would like to!

    You're very fortunate. It would be a relief to me to know that my eyebrows were always perfectly groomed.
  6. I think with eyebrows, you have to spend A LOT of money. I would check the internet for well known eyebrow artists in your area. I am talking from experience, I went to a random eyebrow artist in my area and ended up looking like I had clown eyebrows. I am trying to grow them back and it's a pain in the back. Some women have such amazing eyebrows, I feel like stopping and asking them where they go them LOL
  7. I think the best way to find one is to ask people near you- the place I go is totally out of the way that I never would have found if it weren't for my friend Neda at work- she will ONLY get her eyebrows threded and she met her through their Islamic center. The community is very close knit so they know each other well, which means by association she treats me so well I'd never go anywhere else!
  8. Hi Leelee: It took me years to find someone this good. I've had some bad experiences (ending up w/almost no eyebrows even though I asked for just a touch up etc. . . :crybaby:)

    1. Look at the eyebrow person's eyebrows. If they have freaky :upsidedown: eyebrows run.

    2. If they have nice eyebrows similar to how you'd like your eyebrows to look tell them that you want your eyebrows done as nicely as theirs. Maybe this sounds weird but it worked well when I had to explain how I wanted my eyebrows done.

    3. Start slowly. Ask that they only "clean up" your brows. If they can follow directions & not go crazy (refer to my story above) then this is a good sign. This will give you a chance to see their work.

    4. If possible, watch them do someone else's eyebrows 1st. Check out the results.

    5. Ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors etc who have lovely eyebrows

    Good luck!!:tup:
    P.S. I spend under $10 for my eyebrows (including nice tip) so it doesn't have to be expensive.

  9. I spend $10 for my eyebrows to be threaded and they are wonderful... however MAC and NARS sells eyebrow waxn which I use in between clean-up and they look great all the time.
  10. I get mine done at the salon I work at for free and they come out fabulous. I only trust one of my girls to do them, as well as cut/color my hair. She waxes and plucks...but never cuts. Maybe I'll ask her to do that for me next time but my hairs aren't too long to begin with.
  11. This is really weird, but I went to Taiwan last year and they shave your eyebrows with a tiny razorblade! When I lay down on the table and she pulled it out, I though "oh god, what have I done?!" The whole time she was shaving I was trying not to cry LOL but when I sat up, i just couldn't believe the change! It's the best eyebrow shape I have ever had and it lasted about 3-4 weeks! If you can find someone in your area that does it, I totally recommend it - apparently it's common practice in Asia - do you have an asian beauty salon near you?
  12. my asian mother uses those^^ and its apparently really easy to touch up with this, just a couple secs every morning 'shaving' those hairs you dont want and voila!
    i personally have never tried it- i would rather get them threaded lol!
  13. I get my eyebrows threaded and cut - it's really easy finding someone to do them here in Asia. In NYC I had a bit more difficulty finding someone to do them (the Asian salons usually have someone) and also had to pay a lot more. Redorfe ^^^ gives great tips:smile: Get a recommendation from someone whose eyebrows you like, or check out the eyebrows of the person who will be doing yours BEFORE you get them done. Don't do anything drastic - just ask for a little clean up first or if you want to change the shape of your brows, make sure the person doing them doesn't thin them out too much. You can always take more out!

    If you want to try shaping your brows yourself (not something I recommend), Sephora carries great eyebrow kits (Anastasia and their own brand) which has brow stencils so you can experiment and decide what shape you like best.
  14. Yup, im sure its done by threading, then tweezing any strays and using tiny scissors to trim. I dont think its that hard to find a good place to do it anymore, since ive noticed so many new places, i find asians usually do a good job simply because they tend to have thicker eyebrows and so have to fix their own. I dont trust getting my eyebrows done with someone that barely has any!
  15. Same here.