Extremely Humid Weather

  1. So I've just moved to HK for work. Gonna be here for about a year. Everything's been great, except for the weather. It's like 100 degrees here everyday with 80% humidity! I'm really scared that my skin will start breaking out soon from this disgusting weather. Any idea on how I should take care of my skin in this weather? TIA!!!
  2. What kind of skin type do you have?

    I know how it is like.. When I go back to Singapore, where temperatures and the humidity is off the roof, my skin gets impossibly oily as well. Use oil control products but don't let your skin get dehydrated.
  3. I have oily skin to begin with, so this is just the worst weather for me. :push: What do you suggest I use to keep it hydrated by not oily? Oil-free moisterizers?
  4. my SO is in HK right now for the week for work and he said its hot and humid...he's been complaining about his breakouts worsening.
  5. Use products for oily & sensitive skin. There are many makeup brands that carry oil free foundation. Get a facial every two weeks, it does wonders for oily skin. Cetaphil is a great cleanser for oily/sensitive skin, and it's very inexpensive. Remove all makeup thoroughly before bed time. :smile:
  6. Seconding the call for bi-weekly facials and oil-free moisturizers. Try to stay away from "oil-control" matte formulas (pore minimizers and the like) since ost of them just clog your pores and make things worse; instead, carry blotting tissues and/or clean handkerchiefs for quick touch-ups.

    Good luck!
  7. use cleanser, toner, moisturiers for oily skin, "oil-free" make up and blot your face (i blot my face every 4-5 hours lol eventhough i'm inside the air condition room). anyway i think our skin will need some time to adjust to different temperature so stay positive :yes:.
  8. use gentile, oil-free products and be dilligent about washing your face twice a day. also, make sure you're properly moisturized, since a lot of excess oil production happens when your skin is trying to hydrate itself - i live in a high-humidity area and i thought i had oily skin for years until i realized that what my skin needs is moisture so it won't overproduce oil. so don't skip out on the moisturizer just because it's humid!
  9. I like SK-II's facial clear solution. It has worked very well for me. And I've got oily skin as well. This moisturizer is light and very effective.
  10. Can I suggest Sonya Dakar Omega 3 oil? I know you don't want to put oil on your face but omega 3 is known to balance the oil production. Just apply one or two drops on your face and neck. You will see, you'll love it. I got the acne omega 3 oil.

    But now I have a question that I hope all of you can help me with. I'm involved with a political party and ther is going to be this huge picnic with some very well know political leaders will be there.

    Last year, after I recieved a copy of a picture of me and this well known polictical leader, I was absolutely shocked how awful I looked. I was so disgusted. It was very humid that day, my hair looked dirty and I did straighten it that day and you should of seen it...just terrible! I got frizzy and all the sweat really ruined my hair. As for my skin, it looked terrible! My freckles came out and there is no way you can wear foundation on that day. If you did wear foundation, you would see a fleshy coloured foundation roll off your face with your sweat!

    Does anyone have tips for me on that special day?
  11. Drink lots of water as it hydrates your skin. Always wear sunscreen. If you got oily skin use oil-free skincare regimen that soaps up excess oils, while still keeping your skin hydrated.

    Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturzing Gel is my favorite. It works for me & its affordable. My sunscreen is Lancome UV Expert SPF20 for Face & Body.

  12. SK-II is great. Expensive, but I'm only halfway through my first bottle of Facial Clear, and I've had it since January.

    Purses, what sorts of places do you get the Omega 3 from?
  13. I am not using it now but I did for a few years and loved it. It is from Sonya Dakar Omega 3 oil (acne version) ...it has lavender in it and the downside is that it is heavily scented but I asked friends and they could not smell the lavender on me...so that was good.

    I was also told by my doctor to ead more fish because it is easier to digest and won't clog your pores.

    BTW, I love Sonya Dakar Green Tea mask because I thought it help calm down my skin.

    Oh! I forgot to add that I think that actress Gwyneth Paltrow applied a lot on when she won at the Oscars. It leaves a shiny look but you should not apply one full pump on your face and neck. Half a pump would be fine.
  14. Thanks, Purses. We don't have Sonya Dakar in Canada (I think) and I'm vegetarian, so I guess I'll just have to go back to my flax oil supplements. :smile:
  15. laundry: yes, SK-II is expensive, but I find that the facial clear solution has helped my skin quite a bit..

    Right now, I'm using Dermalogica's line.. very effective and works very very well. I would recommend the precleanse, special cleansing gel, daily microfoliant and oil control lotion to you.