Extremely embarassing question

  1. Um, so I have this problem with jeans (or pants in general)... Maybe I'm just not put together in an anatomically "normal" way, but I always find that the area down there is a problem for me in terms of fitting.

    I get some kind camel-toe affect (is this PC??), and there's nothing wrong with the size of the jeans b/c it fits perfectly fine everywhere else. If I get them in a size larger, they tend to sag in that area. This also happens when I've had a pair of jeans for a while -- they all sag in that area... :cursing:

    Any ...insight (?) would be great, or if you also have the same issues, please tell me I'm not loony.
  2. well, we're all different so I would assume this is "normal" for a lot of people:shrugs:
    Do you try other fits besides low rise?
    Seems a bigger rise would be more comfy.
  3. This happens whether it's high or lo rise! And I usually don't buy lo-rise, anyway.
  4. Do you have a favorite SA you could meet with to help you find a cut/brand that works for you? Some dept stores have complimentary personal shopping services (e.g. Nordstrom)...not sure where you live.

    Or perhaps a tailor can alter the larger size down to the best size for you?

    If it's any consolation, most of us have a challenge or two or more with getting clothes to fit right.
  5. You're probably long-torso, and/or tall.

    Jeans follow a general, loose standard for sizing, although all designers take liberty how they cut. Shop around. There will be a brand that fits!

    Lucky's are known for fitting a little longer, and you may have to invest a little more for a designer pair. If not, truly consider a made-to-fit service... it won't be cheap, but it's definitely less expensive and less uncomfortable than 2 pairs that don't fit!

    Good luck.
  6. Try a pair of jeans with a firmer thicker fabric in dark colors.
  7. Sorry I don't mean to say you are stupid or anything - but you're not pulling them up too high or anything are you? I know that I like to wear quite low-rise but then I'm always pulling them up.

    Maybe its your under garments rather than the jeans - have you tried different varieties of those too?
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  9. Is this a spin-off of the Camel Toe thread?!
  10. That is a good idea. :smile:
  11. I precisely avoid pulling them up, unless they start falling, in which case I just use a belt. And regarding undergarments... :p I've tried my share, but to no appreciable results.

    Thanks for everyone's comments; I'll look into Levi's and heavier materials.
  12. You may have a longer than normal "rise," what I would do is take a pair that "do that" to a tailor, and let her diagnose and treat the problem.

    I am assuming that you will already have tried on nine squillion brands of jeans, and just having the ones that you like best altered might cost less, in both money and your time and aggravation.

    Just the way We the Short have to take our jeans in to be hemmed, you may have to take yours in to be un-risen.
  13. As a temporary fix, have you tried Spanx? They should completely eliminate the camel toe issue by giving you an extra layer of firm fabric.
  14. there is a thread on this but it kind of turned into a joke