Extremely distressing!

  1. Im out and about with family now... And this just happened! Ive already lost one screw and now the other just got unscrewed and I cant find it cause i am outside on the streets. I dont wanna look like a nut bending down and looking for a loose screw.
    And ive got a whole day of shopping to go. Aggh. :sad:
  2. Where do i get the same screws??? What a dissappointment...
  3. Oh no! I hope you find replacement screws easily.
  4. Sad. I hope you can get a replacement!
  5. Thank you ladies for your support. :smile:

    Thank you so much Elliespurse! Will e-mail Hgbags..yes I did get it from them.. Was actually going to order a black Large PS1 from them when they have it in stock... I wonder if I should still get another PS1 considering this dilemma Im faced with or am I better off getting a Balenciaga Velo or the Dior Granville both in black. :sad:
  6. I figured since I already started a thread on the clasp I might as well show the other faults Ive had with this bag. I really thought of this bag as my purple holy grail bag. I love the form and the function... But this has been too much to bear....
    Ive had this bag since November 2011. Problems started appearing in the first week Ive had it. I use it alternately with my other bags. Never did an actual reveal here because was a bit heartbroken with the quality.
    Pics included below...


    1. Unattached clasp from lost rivets/screws


    2. Holes in the leather at the same area... Checked inside of bag, no holes and I do not carry sharp objects in my bag.


    3. Peeling of leather at the edge of clasp.
  7. OP, you should get whatever your little heart desires. From what I have read 2012 PS1's have gotten better in terms of quality. Look around and see what really makes your heart go pitter patter.