EXTREMELY bad Hermes SA!!! Ugh, I am so mad!

  1. So today I was out in Copenhagen with my mom, shopping a little bit and we decided to go into Hermes to look at leather and color swatches for a Birkin.

    The SA had NO clue whatsoever about ANY leather, I was SO suprised. I asked her what she thought of Chevre Coromandel and she was like 'huh?' I also asked which size Birkin she thought would look good on me and which size for my mom - again NO CLUE - she said 'well it is a personal choice' - I replied 'yes, but since we haven't seen any Birkin in real life, it is hard for us to know which size is best on our frame and of rour lifestyle needs' - no reply.

    My mom then bought a scarf and I looked at some belts. My mom told the SA that after she had payed, her daughter would like some assistance with the belts. she then proceeds to help another customer!!! then my mom interupts and says 'my daughter is still in the belt section, she would like some help please' .. she finally comes over and I ask her about the leather types, since there is two belts, both orange/black, one with tiny grain the other with large grain and a little bit different in color - and I wonder if this is potiron (which I have learned from you guys). She repli8es she has absolutely no idea. I ask her about the two leathers, which is TOTALLY different, she says there is no difference ( :wtf::wtf: ). I ask if I could try one on, she sighs!! and hand me one, it is too small and she smirks and says 'well I knew it was too small for you'.

    Then my mom and I just walked out. I am so mad about her complete incompetence and lack of interest in helping customers in guidance for a VERY high priced bag, I am so tempted in writing that store a letter!!

    All of you, never visit Chanel, Hermes or Vuitton in Denmark, it has aboslutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced..

    sorry for the loong rant, but I am just MAAD!!!
  2. oh that is annoying! I would def call the manager or send a letter.

    at least you didn't take it...your mom told that SA...haha um my daughter is still in the belt section.

    better yet...send a letter to corporate.
  3. is that Hermes Paris? my mom said 'don't bother, they wont change' ..
  4. Sorry to hear about your experience! Either she really didn't know or didn't care to help. I would call and ask to speak to the store manager and let that person know what happened. Maybe there are other SAs you could work with in that store?
  5. I am sorry this happened to you! What an awful SA. I'm sure another SA at that store would be MORE then happy to help you (and would prob. know more about the leathers). If that ever happens again just ask to be helped by a different SA
  6. I am so put off by buying in Hermes Denmark - I think (if possible) I would go to Hamburg in Germany and be helped there and see if I can can get on a list there. I have had the best service EVER in Germany, they REALLY know how to treat customers, even though you dont buy anything or just buy a small item..

    If she didnt know about leathers, she should HERSELF said to us ' I am going to see if our other SA who is specialized in bags are free to help you'. My mom has told me, one time she was in the store, she was plainly dressed and had her Kelly with her.. there where two SA's in there, standing next to each other, looking out on the few customers that where in there store, not helping ANYONE and it wasn't untill they saw my moms Kelly they rushed so quickly over to her, one of the SAs nearly tripped.. My mom was so mad at the fact that they clearly offered VERY different service.
  7. Write to management and corporate. I have only had the very best customer service at Hermes in different countries and that's the way it should be.
  8. I was there a couple months ago and they were very helpful. I am sorry to hear you had such a bad time.
  9. that is not good, it is possible maybe she was brand new and they start off in scarves but before she should have directed you to another SA for questions she does not know the answers to. i would def. write a letter. sorry this happened to you!
  10. well, we started in the bags section and the birkin questions was our first. there was a scarf, that my mom had bought a month ago in a beige colorway to a friend, which they had in a white/gold colorway.. my mom asked about the beige colorway and she just replied 'I don't know', she didn't try to look it up or ask another. there was only 1 other customer in the shop besides us that was browsing.
  11. I would definitely follow up on this. You deserve impeccable service whether you buy a belt or a birkin or just ask for a fragrance sample.
  12. call or write a letter to complain!!
  13. should I write the store or paris headquaters? anyone got the adress for the HQ?
  14. I'm not suprised to hear about your negative experience at the Copenhagen H-store. A couple of years ago I actually decided not to buy a 30cm Birkin because of the terrible service I received. Mind you I had been waiting for this bag over one year.
  15. did you complain? if so to whom? I really think I should write them, it isn't like I have a choice and 'just' go to another store..