Extreme moisturizing...tips?

  1. Ever since I have been in health care(about 5 years) my heels have progressively gotten drier and drier. Probably from all the walking around...but it seems no matter what type of lotion I use that I still have really dry skin on my heels. I have even tried cocoa butter and other body butters and they have not improved it.

    Anybody use a really lush moisturizer or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Bobbi Brown Extra Balm is great. Kiehl's Anti Oxidant Skin Preserver is great as well. :smile:
  3. I usually put Body Shop olive body butter, they're the best! and put socks on at night. Not that attractive, really, but it works :p
  4. Palmers have a new product out for really dry areas. It's solid shea butter (mixed with a few other ingredients) and it comes in a pot.

    I think L'Occitane sells 100% pure solid shea butter.

    Or Eucerin for really dry skin, its like Vaseline.

    Why not try Vaseline overnight whilst wearing a pair of socks?

    Sometimes the most overlooked and underrated product does the trick. But whatever you use is going to take a little time since our feet have really thick skin.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-3-Johnson-Johnsons-Light-Oil-Mist-Aloe-6-8oz-Spray_W0QQitemZ330109296145QQcmdZViewItem

    I have very dry skin and my heels can get just horribly cracked in the winter. The ONLY thing...and I've tried it all...that has ever worked wonders for me is the following.

    Get a pedicure to start out w/a clean slate. Then, use J&J Aloe spray mist (see above link). I spray it directly on my heels and toes...'rub' it in (it's kind of a dry oil). Then apply any cream made for feet (any pedicure, thicker cream). If you do this right before you get into bed each night, you're heels and feet will be sooo soft. It's amazing.

    Here's the crappy part. They've discontinued the item. Above link is for some on eBay.
  6. the reason why your product doesn't work is most likely that your skin cannot absorb it, and not that the product is bad/wrong. When you have dry skin, the 1st dead layer will sit there if it's not removed, and if you continue accumulating dead layers of skin... then that'll be really hard for the moisturizer to work. I've been walking in heels since I was about 13-14 years old, and the ball of my feet often become 'hard' and 'cushion-like' if I don't take care of them, so this is what I do to soften them:
    Start off with some exfoliation. Buy one of those callus remover tools and start rubbing (if this is a bit too extreme for you, then take a shower first or soak your feet in warm water). Now wash your feet to remove all the dead cell debris. Moisturize like mad now. Always works for me and my feet become baby soft after a few days:yes:
  7. Soak your feet in hot water for 10 mins before applying moisterizer, increases absorption by a lot more. Also, after you slap a lot of moisterizer *at night*, put on socks, then go to bed. Your feet will feel AMAZING in the morning. :smile:
  8. You girls are the best! Thanks for all the advice. Time for me to get moisturized and put on those socks, lol :graucho:

  9. You are so right!! Great advice. Thanks!:smile:
  10. So here's the deal. My feet get so bad in the winter (ashamed). I've done to my feet what I posted above only two times...and they are like totally different feet! I didn't get a ped., even as I didn't have time. But, just used a pedi slougher in my shower. YOu would not believe it if I showed you before and after pics! (and no...to all our relief, there are none.)

    All the advice is good...I think the key as well...is to continue doing it! (unlike me who stops for 7 mo. at a time!)
  11. I asked my podiatrist which product would work best for this problem and he suggested slathering vaseline on them and then wrapping in clear plastic kitchen wrap (aka Saran Wrap) before bed.
  12. I like Dr Scholls foot softening balm. It works very well for me.
  13. I have the same problem with dry cracked heels.

    I read in another forum about putting Vicks vapo rub on your heels then leaving socks on overnight.

    Since I already had Vicks vaporub at home I tried it.

    It actually works. I couldn't believe it. There was a noticeable difference just after one night.

    I almost thought the ladies on the other forum were crazy because they kept on raving about it.

    I'm a believer now.
  14. I'm using product from Body Shop, works very well. /scrubs, gels, lotions/
    May be also u should try Eucerin, Curel.