Extreme Makeover Home Edition- OMG!!!

  1. Does anyone watch this?? The one tonight is a TEAR jerker... I am really crying!!!!!! :crybaby:
  2. Oh I missed it. Most of them make me cry too.
  3. I watch it every Sunday and I manage to cry in every episode!! It's on shortly, so I should go grab my box of tissues!!
  4. I always end up sobbing like crazy at these!!!
  5. the last time i watched is about a single mother whose husband passed away years ago and left with 7 children, the slept anywhere in the house. and i cried like hell on the ending, where they dedicate their father's old chair in their entertainment room... :crybaby:
  6. I watched the beginning of it. Megs, I was crying too! His daughters were so damn gorgeous and you can tell that he was trying his damn best to be a good dad even though he was still quite shaken up/devasted by the death of his wife. How was the make-over? I hope it gave them a little bit of joy.
  7. I all ways cry ........i thought it was just me being over emotional ...lol
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