EXTREME disappointment...please please help...

  1. hello everyone...

    I am sure many of you remember my last thread, the one where I had mentioned my extreme excitement upon winning the Croissant GM bag...well, to my disappointment, I recieved the bag today...and discovered that I may have been sold a super super fake...:confused1:

    My gut is telling me that this bag is fake. Its not obvious at all...everything looks right from the leather, the stitching, the patina, the canvas, the alcantara lining, the hardware, the made in france stamp...everything is perfect except for the Datecode!:cursing: ! I own the pochette croissant and have used it to compared everything...the date code on the GM is extremely faint, to almost non existent (I cant read it out)...whereas the date code on all my other LV pieces are quite clear in impression and in stamp. In addition, the bag does not "smell right" and there is a small portion of the inside pocket that is left unstitched

    This is soo disppointing...I love the bag but I will not RISK or even think about carrying a fake even though it looks and feels real...if am spending almost $700 dollars on a bag, I want 100% confidence that what I am wearing is real...so I feel I am going to have to return this bag back to the seller...:sad:

    this is where I need everyone's help...the seller has a Return Policy, as long as it is returned within 7 days. I paid through paypal and have the protection policy. My ONLY fear, is that I will not be refunded when I send the bag back or I will be accused of a "bait and switch"...since I have never done a return...what are the steps I take to ensure a speedy and problem free return?

    1.how do I tell the seller I want to return the bag without sounding accusatory?
    2.how does ebay/paypal handle returns?
    3.I will mail the bag on thursday or friday, should I use delivery confirmation and insurance?

    Thank you everyone for reading this...I hope to get this issue resolved ASAP:sad:
  2. sorry for the double post...I don't know what happened!
  3. Who did you buy it from?

    As far as I'm concerned, if the date code is stamped on Alcantara lining, it does fade and becomes harder and harder to read with time.
  4. Can you post pics?? The ladies here are so good at helping out when this happens! Im so sorry!
  5. Tell seller you just lost your job and can't afford to keep the bag. But do post pics so we can see!!!

  6. hehe...do you think that will work? I've thought about that...have you done a return before irene?
  7. The auction looks good to me. I've never owned this bag but from the pics it looks authentic.
  8. The date codes on Croissants can be EXTREMELY difficult to see. It is located along the seam inside the pocket.
  9. I dunno Jamie, the bag looks fine to me. I mean, usually, the fakes (even super fakes) have horrible heat stamps. That heat stamp looks exactly like the one I have in my Coussin.
    Plus, the Alcantara lining looks right, and the unstitched pocket could be just loose stitching.
    The alignment of the canvas is good, and I can't see anything wrong with the bag.
    And as for the smell...LOL...buying all my bags off eBay, all of my LVs have a VARIETY of odours! My Recital smelled absolutely disgusting when it arrived (it smells good now!), my CB pochette and cles smelled the same, like canvas, my CB porte monnaie smelled a little rubbery, my Sarria smelled like...probably the previous owner, and my Jasmin smells like new stores in Hong Kong! (Don't ask me why)
  10. No, I haven't returned anything that I've bought on eBay but that's the excuse people use often with my SIL's auctions.:graucho:

  11. that's what I think too...could it be that the date code rubbed off almost completely?

  12. oh I see:smile: thanks irene!
  13. I am so sorry to hear that! I am sorry I don't have any advice, but hope it works out well.
  14. Some date codes are EXTREMELY hard to read. You can barely see the date code in my Recital any more because the alcantara is getting older now. And I believe in CB papillons the datecodes can be hard to read.

    The bag looks PERFECT...it's not oddly shaped, the canvas doesn't look like it's plastic, the vachetta colour looks fine...