Extreme Disapointment!

  1. I thought I'd share my Balenciaga experience.
    I bought a gorgeous bright red messenger bag for my little iBook for a trip I was going on. Maybe it was a mistake to get it on eBay, but I did and when it arrived I was in total shock. The colours of the different exterior sections were mismatched, kind of like a patchwork and the flap was cut and sewn at an angle and crooked! It didn't even fit properly when closed, with one side exposing about a 2 inch section of the interior! Also, there were no tags and I'd specifically asked for them to be left on! The seller advertised the fact that customs removes the tags sometimes, which sounded very fishy to me.

    I was very fortunate, that the seller agreed to take it back with a full refund, but my experience with this wonderful designer makes me extremely hesitant to buy another Balenciaga.

    Anyone else encounter any negatives like this?

  2. I could be wrong but I think they're fake.:tdown:
  3. Sorry but you got a fake =(
  4. I am just glad that I was able to return it.

    The seller continues to sell on eBay and claim authenticity.
    I don't know how to report him to eBay, cause I have no proof... :sad:
  5. You are very lucky to get your money back!!! Try a Balenciaga Courrier bag or Besace Messenger. There are a few on ebay now. You should expect to pay around $600 - $700 for a good one. Sooo worth the money!
  6. this sucks to hear
  7. wow that's horrible. your best bet is to pay retail and get the real thing to avoid any more situations like these.
  8. Sorry to hear about your ordeal, but so glad you got your money back. Retail is always the best way to be 100% sure. But if you buy off ebay, you should post the link on the Authenticate This thread first. The members here are really helpful.