Extreme Dieting Help

  1. Hey guys.

    I've always been uncomfterable with my weight. Im defintly not "fat" or anything but I'm rarely happy with the way I look. I feel a lot of pressure to be skinny...im not sure why, I just do.

    I have also always had a problem with food. I dont like eating with other people (i like to eat alone) because I feel like everyone is watching how much i eat and critisizing me about it.....

    So, in order to loose weight, I kinda starve myself. I severly restrict my calorie intake and exercise a lot. And I feel better about myself when I dont eat a lot. However, when I do eat reguarly, I feel awful. The minute food goes into my mouth i start thinking about how fat i feel.

    Am I crash dieting or do I have a serious eating disorder?

    Also, please do not tell me about how unhealthy this is. TRUST ME, I KNOW. I am not here for you to critisze me, I'm here because I would like to hear what you think is wrong with me.

    Oh, one more thing....im very sensitive about this - I havent told anyone except a very close friend.

    Thank you.
  2. if you are doing this all the time, it's not crash dieting, it's an eatting disorder. i'd recommend seeking out therapist or someone that can help you get better. good luck, hun.
  3. i am sorry to say it, but this is definitely an eating disorder. your body image and the way that you view eating is warped. if you want to change your perspective and get better you should definitely find a psychologist and/or a nutritionist
  4. this is definitely an eatting disorder, you should trying talking to someone about it like a psychologist maybe one who specializes in bariatric problems
  5. What you are experiencing sounds like an eating disorder along with Body Dysmorphic disorder- which is where you see yourself completely different than you are. You need to see a Dr who will refer you to a psychologist- this is something better to handle now then to deal with for much more in life.
  6. I struggled with eating disorder for a couple of years back in HS. I felt exactly the way you are feeling now. I starved myself. The only thing I ate was carrots and cabagge, and I felt very guilty everytime I took a bite. Please please get some help. I almost didn't make it. It took me a long time to learn to accept my body. Please don't wait and get some help.
  7. im nervous about telling my parents (im only in high school)...my dad has told me on several occasions that I need to loose weight and that I need to start dieting more, so im afraid he'll get mad at me.

    maybe i can talk to a school counselor or something....?
  8. a school counselor should be able to help you, and your dad is most definately doing you a disservice by saying those things to you (trust me, i know, he sounds just like my dad).
  9. don't let being afraid of your father's approval stop you from getting help. he probably doesnt realize his comments are affecting you so much. i just graduated hs so we are around a similar age (i dont know what year you are) You need to be healthy and your father should appreciate that don't be afraid of him being mad, all parents want are happy healthy children and right now you dont really seem to be either. If you need to talk you can always PM me :flowers:
  10. this sounds like me a year back. i had undiagnosed depression and was starving myself and overexercising to lose weight. my friends finally managed to drag me to the doctors, which was when i was diagnosed with depression.

    i am now the happiest i have ever been, albeit with the help of medication and a psychologist. only problem is, now im constantly happy, i physically cannot feel bad about what i eat, so i can eat junk and not feel guilty. so ive put a bit of the weight back on, but its worth it to be happy and mentally healthier

    i think you should speak to someone you dont know, like a counsellor or a doctor. believe me, once you start talking, it just flows out. feel free to PM me if you wanna chat :smile:
  11. I agree with everyone else has said. It's good that you realize what you're doing is not quite right and I think it would be helpful to find some professional you feel comfortable talking with.
  12. I know what you're going through definitely...

    The healthy way definitely is to go get counseling and take some yoga or pilates classes to get your exercise in without stressing yourself out too much.

    Yoga and pilates should help to center yourself and also can help to lose some weight at a pace that is healthy without doing any harm to your body.

    I hope you get help and improve your view on your own body image.
  13. omg, im the same way, it hurts (emotionally), and it sucks. :sad:
  14. I agree with the others; you should definitely seek help from someone. Try talking to your school councillor or your doctor, I'm sure they'll be able to refer you to a specialist who might be able to better help you.

    I'm not sure if you actually need to lose weight but even if you are overweight and need to lose some weight, this is not the way to do it! Right now you need to do what's best for you. This is all your parents should ever be interested in. My guess is that your father probably doesn't realise how serious things are becoming. You definitely need to have a long talk with him about exactly what you're doing and how you're feeling. You might try approaching your mother first, if you feel more comfortable with her.

    Again, you may also want to talk with your school councillor, s/he could probably give you tips on approaching your parents and would probably even arrange a meeting with them, with him/her to act as kind of an inbetween. It's my experience that adults have an easier time understanding things if they hear them from other adults. Still, it's important that you be there to make sure your parents understand exactly how you feel.

    It's good that you realise what you're doing is unhealthy, and that you are seeking help. I won't lie, getting things back on track isn't going to be an easy process (I've been through something similar myself). Looking back I realise getting better would have been impossible for me without the support that I had from my parents. You'll need their help to get to your appointments (and to pay for them). I also cannot tell you how much it helps not to have to put on a facade when you're in your own home. It definitely takes some of the weight off of your shoulders.

    Let us know how things go, and if you ever need to talk, feel free to give me a PM. *hugs*
  15. I agree with everything here. I'm afraid you have what sounds like a disorder. get some professional help, not amount of help or advice on here can compete with help & guidance from a healthcare professional.
    I was borderline annorexic in my teens. I understand your emotions entirely. It got bad enough for me to be sick (unintentionally) at the mere thought of food.

    I'd also like to add, that if you are so uncomfortable with your body, perhaps you might consider seeing a personal stylist? For years I crash dieted then binged, on a cycle because I didn't like my body. I wasn't 'fat' so to speak, but I was always judging my shape on media personalities. I started to learn how to dress to emphasis my good parts & the help disguise or at least make less obvious my bad parts (my huge saddlebags & my wide backside) & I can honestly say I feel a thousand times better! So many people commented on how much weight I'd lost as soon as I started dressing for my body, when in reality, I hadn't lost a pound!

    You should definitely call your doctor right now! you need help to make sure you're not doing irrervesable damage to your body & clearly you need to get some more self esteem.

    I wish you good luck in this.

    PS I will be more than happy to help you learn your body style/how to dress for it etc if you want to pm me? I'd be happy to help.