Extreamly depressed!!!

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  1. i know this sounds bad but i went ot the hermes store today becuase i was in the city for an excursion i though why not have a look and get to know the SAs. I had ordered the double kelly bracelet earlier, as a few of yuo know i have been lusting over this bracelet fo rmoths in fact almost over a year now! i was so excited to hear they were getting dsome in, i was scared that it would be too small since its a womans bracelet but i had faith dam it i had faith, i thought i would force it on if i had too. So anyway i went to the store, teh sa that severed me on the phone wasnt there so i was served by an older worker, i tried on virtually every bracelet they had and her pulled one out and said the double kelly bracelet is the same size for 10 minutes i was trying to put it on but alas my fat wrists wouldnt fit, so he told me it was no use ordering in the bracelet as it would never fit my wrists, (when i used a measuring tape it did fit them just tightly) I guess it really wouldnt ft my wrists as he would have wanted the comission or make a sale if it had, im so depresse di was in love with this bracelet he said next season a larger double wrap will be released but i wont have the kelly closure, but that was the feature i LOVED about it, im about to cry now im so depressed! Now i have no interest in hermes becuase the only other thing i wanted was a HAC birkin and i cant afford that now (bieng 17), i dont really love anythign else they have that i can afford so i guess ill never be returing for a while, illnever check out the new large store thats opening, i went from such a high to such a low !!!!!!!!!:sick::censor::sick:
  2. Awwww....sorry to hear about that! Does it currently come in a different size overseas?
  3. no only the one size, so its not like there is even a possibility.... sorry if im making anyone else sad but i was so hyped abotu this bracelet.
  4. Aaaaaaw, sorry about that Naughty. If you like the Kelly closure, there's another bracelet that will definitely fit a man, I even had my SA try it on. It's not a double toure like the one you tried on, it is a single wrap with 2 slots and the Kelly closure you like. If you use the second closure it should fit. See if your store has that one.
  5. what are those called? in desperation right now lol
  6. Let's make naughtymaolo's day everyone!

    I don't know anything about the bracelets...keep helping whoever is there!
  7. I believe it's called the JPG Kelly bracelet. Look at the necklace in the left of the photo below. That's a JPG Kelly necklace and the bracelet is just a shorter version of that.
  8. Look at the bright side. Maybe you will like other Hermes stuff? Being 17 years old and develop an interest in Hermes at that age is something worthy to be admire of.
  9. Maybe you will like Hermes watches? Or go to other Hermes stores in your state and you may get the bracelet that you want.
  10. ill ring them tomorrow and see what will happen! i have a little hope now lol
  11. Hermes tells you all kind of stories if they want to make a sale. They told me that i can order the double strap for the cape code watch in either, pale pink, havanne or black crocodile. I found it in graphite...no othere store has one...so never give up checking stores - each store carries something different and sometimes have special ordered items that have never been picked up etc... there is always a chance with Hermes...
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your story. There is always hope. Just check in once in a while and a bracelet that's meant for you will be there.
  13. oh my god, hermesgroupie - i never saw that photo of your accessories before. i am so in love. holy :upsidedown: :nuts:
    the bracelets at the top, with the studs - those are so divine.
  14. ITA--Very Admirable! I'm sorry NM that it didn't work out.
  15. Ok, I know I've said that I'm not into jewelries but now I NEED a JPG Kelly bracelet!! I'm going to check with my SA to see how the sizes are on those and if the sizes are customizable ...