Extras Anyone?

  1. Anybody a fan of the show? It's from the creator of The Office(s). We rented the second season from Blockbuster and it is HILARIOUS! DH is buying the DVD, he is such a fan of Ricky Gervais. :tup:

    For those who haven't seen it on HBO, or if you love The Office UK, borrow the DVD now! Ricky Gervais plays a struggling actor who wants to make it big, but all the parts he can get are as an extra. His agent isn't helping either, telling prospective producers that Ricky isn't worth it.

    Each episode has a guest star who plays themself. This second season, there's Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Chris Martin, David Bowie and Daniel Radcliffe to name a few! I couldn't stop laughing at the Orlando Bloom and Daniel Radcliffe episodes :roflmfao:


  2. I love the show AND Ricky Gervais - I think he is close to genius - the funniest damn Brit. Com ever!!! Is HBO bringing it back? Anyone know?
  3. Nope, Ricky decided to end it at two seasons which is a real shame. I couldn't get into the Office but I love Extras. My favorite episode was the one with Orlando Bloom.
  4. Loved the show! The David Bowie episode wa hysterical - "little fat man with the pug-nosed face..."
  5. The only episode I saw was the Daniel Radcliffe one and that was really funny!

    (I saw Ricky Gervais on the Concert for Diana and he was hilarious! I didn't know he was involved with this show!)
  6. I love it, I loved the David Bowie sketch - Chubby little fat man :biggrin:
    hee hee
  7. Yes, I love those shows...but now when I watch Ugly Betty I keep thinking of what's her name Ashley (the blonde in photo) as being her character in Extra's instead of the seamstress!
  8. I keep forgetting to tivo this. I saw one episode with Patrick Stewart and I was dying laughing. Seriously my sides hurt.
  9. Ricky Gervais is a mastermind of comedy. I Love this show.
  10. :yes: The song he was singing was the song David Bowie "wrote" in an episode :roflmfao:

    So there won't be another season? That's too bad :crybaby:I was so bummed with The Office's ending. It left me hanging!!!!