Extra Tassel question

  1. I'm new to the forum and I just bought my first bbag, a grenat first, which i love love love! I have a question regarding the extra tassels. Since they are folded and packed tightly in the plastic wrapping, they have a bunch of folds in them and looked all messed up when I took them out of the wrapping. My current tassels are just fine, but I can't imagine walking around with the replacement tassels when my current ones break. Do they straighten out if you leave them outside of the packaging?
  2. I'm sure they will straighten out with use. I keep all mine in the package folded up like the way they came to me. If I ever resell the bag I want everything nice for the new buyer. Congrats on your first bag!
  3. Welcome Carebear! It's nice to see you over here ;). The tassels won't break, they will however split in half which adds a little character to the bag, IMO.
  4. They will straighten out - I help them along with a nice coating of Apple Conditioner.
  5. hi lulup! at first I wasn't sure who you were but then I saw your birkin post! :idea: