extra straps for kellys?

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  1. hello folks!

    havent posted in a long time, but was sure around to read all the wonderful storys you guys post here. love them.
    congrats tro the many new birkin owners-it seems as it has been raining birkins lately...

    so now, on to my question: my mum will give me her old kelly, black togo with palladium hardware and I was wpndeirng if hermes has longer, thicker straps available for the kellys?
    I would be interested to wear the kelly messenger/sling bag like.

    I once saw a pic of a pretty broad canvas like strap, but any prices or pics or more info on longer straps for kellys would be awesome.....

    thank you guys...

    greets from cold vienna
  2. I've seen those canvas straps for sale on ebay - although they may be from Evelyne bags, but I think it can look FAB on a KELLY! You could try your local Hermes and ask if you can order just a canvas strap - they sell them in the stores in Japan, too.
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  4. I myself do not own Kellys, however a friend of mine owns several and she uses the canvas straps as an alternative for all of them. They are in fact the straps made for the Evelyne and they allow for the Kelly to be worn casually and I think it looks great. It is a wonderful way to mix up the Kely look. I once inquired about buying an extra canvas strap for my Bolide at my Hermes and they were available for separate purchase. I think it would certainly be worth looking into seeing if you liked the way the Kelly looked with these straps, it can be fun....I also see them in certain colors on ebay, :smile: .
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  7. Okay.....I guess I believe you, ;) ,... but that picture is amazing!
  8. Ahhh! i might get a green one for MY bolide - great idea, SG!!
  9. I wish I could take credit for it, but my friend has impeccable taste. I think the canvas is good way to mix it up and if I ever get a Kelly, I am buying the strap along with it.
  10. WHEN I get my Kelly, I'm going to order a canvas strap to use for traveling. I love the look of it worn as a messenger.
  11. Love it that way too, GT. I like the canvas strap with retourne Kelly's.....hmmmmmm......it would be nice to have one with my Noisette Gulliver Kelly.......
  12. Great thread ! I was just thinking about getting one for the white kelly so it'll be easier for me to Paris next month :yahoo:, anybody has any idea how much they would cost ?? hhhmmm.. or maybe I'll just get them when I go to H in Paris :P
  13. I think they could probably get you a new strap at Hermes, I know they will replace gold hardware if you want.
  14. wow, so many great answears-you girls never amaze me:smile:))

    so, any info on prices?
    I´m working for the government this year(something most european countries have) where you have to work for LIL money(I´m talking really little, like the sum of 2 twillys...oi), so I would like to know the price before going to the shop:smile:

    thanks again
  15. The wide straps are great, over the years I have collected quite a few for my Kellys. I think they are about 350 Euros now, sometimes the Boutiques have the most popular colours like black, but not always in the exact leather to match your bag although that was OK with me. By the way it is NOt the same strap as the Evelyne, it is longer and the closure is different. I once tried to use the strap off my GM Evelyne and it did not work at all well IMO.