Extra Mini Flaps for 20A?

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  1. Saw these in the Metiers d’Art 2019/2020 pictures!
    Looks like the extra mini size? In both a reissue and a classic flap??
    This one looks like a reissue because zooming into the strap shows a mademoiselle chain strap instead of the leather and chain of classic flaps:
    This one is obviously a “classic” flap because of the CC logo and the leather with chain strap. (Classic is in quotes because it’s likely a single flap ).
    Who else is down? I’m so down for this!
  2. They are going to sell out so fast... Lets be prepared? :biggrin:
  3. Ok... I may need to have this one! I saw this collection will be in boutiques in June 2020... I am not too familiar with the Chanel world- would one be able to “pre-order”? And if so, when is the right time to do so?
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  4. Hopefully it’ll fit a whole credit card inside?
  5. The lucky charms series are the most anticipated things for me in every Metiers d’Art collection. Sadly I couldn’t find any lucky charms on the runway photos
  6. Too small for me
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  7. It’s adorable!! I hope that strap isn’t that short though! I also just noticed, that in my first pic, the bag has a Mona Lisa pocket! The old extra mini from 2013ish didn’t have one! It’s also super tiny and i’m guessing it’s likely even smaller than an extra mini?
    Here’s a pic of Gigi Hadid and the old extra mini:
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  8. I have a black caviar extra mini from 2013. The bag has a divider inside ( it divides the inner space into 2 tiny parts which makes the capacity very very limited).

    curious to see the new version tho.
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  9. If you watch the video of the show, you can really see the dimensions of the bags because they spin in the models’ hands. With their dimensions and the tiny logos, they definitely give off more of a card-wallet on chain vibe than a functional mini flap. This is especially true looking at the length of the chain, which doesn’t appear fit for shoulder or crossbody use.

    The extra mini circa 2013’s logo/hardware size, chain length and interior depth give it a definite mini-bag feel, but this version looks more like a wallet on a chain.
  10. For those curious here’s the video!
    the extra mini reissue can be seen starting at 2:00min and the extra mini classic at 12:35min

    I do agree with the above that it seems to look less like a bag than before? The extra mini was deeper, this one seems to has less depth. Assuming the quilt size is the same, the length should be the same as the 2013 extra mini though.
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  11. The kardashians will probably get it for their kids’ dolls!!’ Lol!! I have super mini ysl sdj bag and one time a gal in the mall said:”omg where did you find this? It’s so adorable Penelope Kourtney’s daughter got one of these!” I didn’t know if it was a compliment or an insult!
  12. 2B967401-A87F-4BEF-AE05-F82D7BC00B5E.png 7C8615D3-4E92-4FFB-803D-E23141BB4820.png Photos from instagram. I had seen better quality video on Instagram that I was initially referring to, but when I went back to find it under Chanel’s hashtag for the show, I didn’t see it. Someone had filmed Kaia from different angles and you could see the bag a lot better.

    Perhaps this will be marketed (and priced) as a bag, but the feeling it gives me personally is more ornamental/novelty/bag charm than a “functional bag” feel.

    I really liked this show but I miss the wit and sense of humor of KL.
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  13. 55AE34FB-5862-40AC-8CFD-B3A11F11CF12.jpeg 36F34B85-7056-4945-9CBB-C9A7EA218BC9.jpeg Found some info from IG, looks like these will be sold as a set... with a hefty price tag.
  14. I have the black extra mini from a few years back... A20 mini looks smaller than my extra mini. My extra mini holds the LV key holder, iPhone max without the case, and car key.